Asking for the towel? – Jordan Latimer explains what really happened on Sky Sports show

Jordan Latimer [2(0)-1(1)] was called a lot of names on Saturday night.

Some argued that the Sligo light middleweight should have his boxing licence revoked while others felt he shouldn’t have had one in the first place following a first-round stoppage loss to Scotland’s John Docherty.

On just four days notice, Latimer boxed the debuting Docherty on the Lewis Ritson v Francesco Patera European lightweight title undercard at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle.

A fight streamed live by Sky Sports, the 20-year-old southpaw was dropped within six seconds and the fight was waved off with the opening bell still ringing in everyone’s ears.

After being dropped, Latimer motioned to his cornerman, Willie McNamara, and the towel would come in. Most onlookers believed that this was the Manchester-based boxer asking for the towel and this led to heavy criticism of the youngster but Latimer has come out today to explain his side of the story.

In a post on social media, ‘Pretty Boy’ claimed that “I didnt quit, I was knocked out on my feet.”

“I was asking where I was as I have no recollection of where I was or any memory of the fight.”

Latimer weighed in 10 pounds lighter than Docherty, a Commonwealth bronze medallist, and this already-scandalous disparity was likely even wider in the ring once rehydration is taken into account.

While the contest didn’t last long, Latimer has suffered more than his fair share and described how “I’ve been hospital since the fight.”

“I’ve got a really bad concussion, still really bad symptoms of it now.”

“Done my ear drum in, think I’ve a slight fracture in my check bone, damaged nose, my eyesight is still double vision and burred at times, nearly blinded me, my balance isn’t great still.”

While Latimer’s health is, obviously, the most important thing, the Ballinacarrow boxer’s next fight is now also in doubt.

Latimer was in line to face Limerick light middle Graham McCormack [3(0)-0] in December but it is unclear, and perhaps unlikely, that this will now take place.

The Assassin Boxing man outlined how he has had “a CT scan done and I can’t spar for minnimum 28 days. So depending on how my recovery goes, I’m not sure if I’m going to be fighting in December.”

“I’ve got to be a full 100%. No last-minute fights. I won’t put my family through that again.”

While the ordeal and the aftermath hurts, Latimer insists that “I have no regrets.”

“I lived my dream and I’m happy for that and greatfull for the opportunity.”

“No one wanted to fight him. I did tho. The risk didn’t pay off.”

“So one can take that away from me. So thanks for the people who were there for me after fight. I know it was a handful of people but it won’t ever be forgotten.”

“Team Latimer will be back but this time at super welter nothing heavier than that and a full eight weeks when I’m ready.”


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