Are online casinos fair or a scam

A fair assumption to make when playing on an online casino is that it is a scam, a way to milk you of your money whilst you sit there and watch – discover more.

This thought can occur when a player loses frequently on a casino game. However, it is a completely false statement. Online casinos are certainly not a scam and here are the reasons why?

Gambling is legal

When you visit and play games at an online casino you are taking part in the act of gambling. This is a completely legal act that comes with its own set of laws and restrictions.

These laws differ from country to country but all state the same thing. A player may make a stake, or bet, in a casino game for a chance to win a larger sum based on a set of odds. That is what you are paying for n a casino game, the chance.

This chance can be odds of a ball landing on a roulette wheel or lining up a pay line on a slot game. Either way, as long as there is a chance of the thing you are betting on taking place, it is perfectly legal and fair.

This is all detailed by the online casino.

Terms and conditions

When you sign up to play at an online casino, you will often be asked to read through a load of terms and conditions. It sounds boring but these are vital in informing players exactly what they are getting into.

These terms specify that this is an act of gambling and that you will not always win money on a casino game. Again, you put a bet forward for chance to win, not a guarantee.

If an online casino does not provide this information, then it is most likely a scam. You can find out whether a casino is legit or not by searching through the terms and conditions.

That isn’t the only thing the online casino displays to make players aware of what they are getting into.

The odds are published

At every legitimate online casino, you will notice the same thing across all of the casino games pages. The RTP rate (return to player), hit rate and odds of actually winning in the game are all displayed for players to view.

This mean that a player can easily see how likely they are to win at a casino game at any time. Therefore they can make an informed decision as to whether or not it is worth making a bet of their own.

If this information is not provided or you cannot find it by searching the game, then it is not a legitimate online casino.


As you can see, it is only in illegitimate online casinos that players will encounter a scam. All of the relevant and legal information is provided by legit online casinos to ensure the player understands exactly what making a bet means.

It might not seem like it sometimes but online casinos are fair.


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