Should I bet the same amount in an online slot game all the time

Online slots provide players with a lot of choice about what to bet, they can choose to bet more, less or continue to be the same as before – play now. There are significant benefits that come from betting more, as there are for choosing to bet less. Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal playstyle. 

Why you should Bet More 

Some players believe that the more than they bet, the better chance they have to win a bigger prize. Whilst this isn’t strictly true, there are a few advantages that players get when they bet more. Whenever you are considering betting more, it is important to make sure that you have the sufficient bank roll available and are not betting beyond your means. 

●      You will be eligible to win prizes which are based on your stakes, things like progressive jackpots practically require a player to bet more in order to win.

●     Smaller wins become larger. As much as players dream that they will one day win a jackpot, the fact is that most of their wins will come in small doses. By betting bigger, these small wins will become larger.

●     It’s a more exciting way to bet. There is no doubt that it is more thrilling when you have bet more as there is much more on the line. If you win, you will receive more money while if you lose, you will have lost more. 

Why you should Bet Less 

Without a doubt, betting more does not suit every single player. In some cases, betting less is the much wiser option. Not only are there downsides to betting more but there are still ways to make money by betting less. 

  1.  Winning a jackpot is incredibly unlikely, to put it into perspective players will have about the same chance as winning the lottery. While it is easy to understand the appeal, for some players it is just not feasible to continue to enter a slot jackpot.
  2. Managing your bankroll will get tougher. It can be hard to keep track off at the best of times but players will fly through their bankroll when they are betting more. It can be made to last by betting less.
  3. Maintaining a steady bankroll also comes with the added benefit of allowing you to spend more time enjoying the slot game, as you won’t burn through your money. 

Personal Playstyle 

Personal playstyle should be a big indicator as to whether you should bet big or bet less. For players who prefer long lasting games where they can enjoy the graphics, animations and gameplay features of a slot, betting less is the way to go. However, if you have a sizable bankroll there is no shame in betting bigger. 


Choosing whether to bet more, less or the same can be tough. If you want bigger and better prizes it is probably wise to put more at stake whilst if you are worried about your bankroll maybe you should consider betting a little less.


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