All-Irish Euro title fight not logical claims Big Sexy – wants Sheehan & Kennedy now

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Sean Turner [8(6)-0] isn’t into Mexican stand-offs – he is ready to start firing.

The Dublin heavyweight is one of three fledgling Irish heavyweights on the pro scene at present alongside Niall Kennedy and Con Sheehan, and doesn’t see the reason they shouldn’t fight as soon as possible.

There are “let it build” calls from the ‘sensible’ heads in boxing, but Turner is more interested in putting on his boxing boots rather than his steel-toed workman’s boots.

“I will be ready for either one as soon as,” he told

Gorey Garda Kennedy [6(3)-0] believes any fight between the trio has European level written all over it. and argues that all three are similar in standard, if not profile, to British title level fighters.

Sheehan [3(1)-0] seems to also see the sense in playing the waiting game, but his fighting instincts take over when the issue is pushed and admits he would have no problem ‘beating’ either sooner rather than later.

‘Big Sexy,’ however, is keen for the scraps now, and when he is Irish title eligible he would take them straight away. He argues, perhaps correctly, that it would be hard for two of the three to become European champion and mandatory challenger at the same time.

“I seen Niall said wait till we are at European level, but let’s be honest, with all the heavyweights in Europe looking for that title it will be hard to get two Irish lads to fight for it,” the 25 year old noted before suggesting he has the power to hurt the ‘more skilled’ operators.

“I wouldn’t mind it for the Irish title. I am confident I can beat both. Okay people say both the lads have more skill than me, but neither bang like me. When I land on them they will more than know about it.”

“I’d have no bother fighting either. They are great fights and fights people want to see. I am good mates with both, but we fought in the amateurs and we can do it again in the pros. It’s all business and I am ready when they are.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years