A Preview Of Upcoming Conor Mcgregor Fight

If you’ve ever heard the term “Fighting Irish” your mind might immediately go to the spirit of college football at Notre Dame in the United States. However, the legend of the Fighting Irish dates back to the character and dominating traits of Irishmen as being fully committed, indomitable, and tenacious. If you are looking for a modern-day representation of this spirit, look no further than Conor McGregor.

Bringing the Fight Back

As one of the world’s leading professional mixed martial artists and boxers, the Irishman hailing from Dublin, Ireland has high hopes and record-breaking expectations for his upcoming non-title welterweight fight in Las Vegas. McGregor is no stranger to either defeat or success, starting out his boxing debut with a loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr but drawing in the second-largest pay-per-view audience in American history for the event. His success in the mixed martial arts has won him Ultimate Fighting Championship titles in lightweight and featherweight divisions. His success in the UFC octagon has turned him into the largest pay-per-view attraction in MMA history, with five out of the six highest-selling events headlining his fights. For his fellow countrymen, there is no mistaking where the source of his fighting spirit originates. In fact, with the explosive growth of technologically-driven gambling, fellow Irishman and enthusiasts can place a bet legally in Ireland and hope to gain from the indomitable spirit McGregor displays.

How Does He Measure Up?

UFC fans got excited when they saw that the first quarter calendar had scheduled the return of the most exciting star the sport has seen in recent years. McGregor, although already at former 145- and 155-pound champion, hasn’t had a UFC win since the Eddie Alvarez title-event knockout back in 2016. He has also been limited to just one UFC appearance in the last three years, with criticism and suspension following a non-event fight at a bar and allegations of sexual assault clouding his athletic abilities and prowess. In spite of the legal drama, McGregor is still hailed as the most popular martial artist in the industry, and ultimately the whole planet. His first UFC Featherweight Championship was won through a knockout of Jose Aldo (one of the MMA’s most decorated athletes) only 13 seconds into the first round, setting the record for the fastest victory in the sport’s title fight history. His record is still 21-4, and he will be facing Donald “the Cowboy” Cerrone in the January 2020 fight. Cerrone’s record of 36-13 has the most wins and finishes in UFC history, but Cerrone will be coming back from a knockout loss to Justin Gaethje in late 2019. Although he too is a former lightweight title challenger, Cerrone’s last three years have been spent exclusively competing as a welterweight.

What’s the Draw

The style of Connor McGregor makes seems effortless, as his work is simple, effective, and driven. His time off from the ring and professional competition hasn’t weakened the perspective of fans or competitors as an athlete past his prime, as his power and accuracy in the octagon are legendary. Though his last match in 2016 was a win achieved via the judges’ decision, the odds for the matchup against Cerrone currently stand at McGregor -310 and Cerrone +240.

While there was a lot of promise in the future for Cerrone after his performance against Al Iaquinta, his last two fights went down as losses, with the final one being a sound beatdown within the first five minutes against Gaethje. However, McGregor has long promised to face the Cowboy, and fans are going to be ready when the bell sounds. Both men are coming back from a rocky three years, but as a fan favorite, it seems to be a safe bet that McGregor will get launched back into the spotlight following an impressive showing against Cerrone.


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