7 Ways Boxing and Poker Are the Same Fight

To most people sitting down at the poker table may seem like climbing in the ring with one of the best fighters in the world. Well, this is a good analogy and a great way to look at the whole concept because boxing and poker have more in common than what most players realize. Every hand probably leaves your legs feeling like jelly just like getting hit would. Trying to pull off a bluff can draw feelings of anxiety just like the building anticipation to the fight would. So, you can see that boxing and poker are pretty much the same fights, but below, you will learn about much more than they have in common.

Patience Is A Must

If you watch a boxing highlight reel it will seem like an action-packed sport where knockouts are inevitable. This is not also the case. Most fights don’t end in knockouts and it really is the well-placed punches that are more impactful. The same is true with poker. You have to know when to attack and play defense and finding the right moment to attack will take patience.

Training Is Required

A boxer just doesn’t jump into the ring without the proper training. In order to become a successful boxer, you will have to spend years and years grinding, learning strategies, and honing your skills. If you want to be a successful poker player, you are going to have to adapt to the same type of regimen.

Both Are A Rush

Both playing poker online and boxing can be a rush. This is true for both the players and the fans. Probably more so true for the individuals involved in the event, but everyone is going to get something out of the event. Just imagine walking out in an arena packed with fans yelling for you or winning the heavyweight title. Well, winning a poker tournament can offer the same feelings and thrills.

Everyone Is Gunning For the Champ

Poker should be considered just as much of a sport as boxing. And, when it comes to any sport no one gets involved to be second best. Everyone is always chasing the belt or the leading poker player. This means that contenders and poker players will constantly be climbing and falling in the ranks. There will also be those starts that come right out of nowhere and these are the ones that you need to watch out for.

Both Have Fans

People have been following boxing for years and everyone has a favorite. The same can be said for poker players. There are going to be some fans that love you and some fans that just despise you. This is something that you will have to get used to.

Anyone Can Get Knocked Out

If boxing has taught you anything it should be that even the best can get knocked out. And, these knockouts usually happen when they are least expected. The worst player or fighter in the world can knock out the best fighter or player in the world with the right timed attack.

Coaches Can Be Handy

A boxer might get in the ring alone, but he didn’t train alone. He didn’t develop his game plan by himself and neither should a poker player. If you want to be a successful poker player, you are going to need guidance from a coach with skills that cares.


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