5 Easy Steps when Choosing Boxing Bets

Boxing is a game requiring lots of physical engagements which sometimes results in injury. However, the fun comes when betting is involved, and fans can make money out of it. This is because boxing is becoming a significant investment in online sports gambling. Here are some steps to follow when selecting types of boxing bets provided by operators in preparation for a fight. 

1. Bout betting

Although the name bout might be confusing, it’s merely an outright winner with a name that differs. This means you can wager on the participant you think may win. Also, you can choose a draw option if you think participants have equal strength. However, draws are rare outcomes in boxing, making it a risky venture to partake. 

2. Round betting

In round betting, you will have a chance to select the participant that will beat the other, and in the round, he will win. This betting form is a great market, especially if the odds are low. When the odds are low, you will have increased chances of winning. Also, you will have nothing to lose when you wager with casinos offering free games.

3. Round group betting

This form of betting is almost similar to round betting. However, round group betting is a bit flexible when it comes to selecting the end of the fight and which round. Most punters prefer this betting because it’s not as difficult as the others when choosing the exact round the match will end. 

4. Victory method

In this method, there is an extensive market that allows punters to select based on the outcome decision. Punters can bet based on numerous options like a straight knockout, disqualification, and technical knockout, among others. 

5. Over and under rounds

Here you can predict the duration the fight may last based on the allocated round amounts. For instance, if your bet is over 8.5 rounds, and the round ends in the 8th or less, you will lose. However, if it reaches 9th or more, you win. In this case, ensure you bet on the games that you have an interest I and may win. If you think a confident fighter may win, take your time and do thorough research on potential outcomes before staking.

How you can analyze fighters

To succeed in boxing bet, you have to gather detailed information about the contestants, know their weaknesses, and strengths. Even though there is nothing like a sure bet, thorough research may increase your winning chances other than just gambling for the sake of it. Check out how participants have been performing in past matches, the prizes they have won, and how they react to pressure. These factors will guide you and enable you to bet with confidence. 


The essential thing when it comes to boxing gambling is to learn the participants’ ability and their likely outcomes in each round. This will give you the platform to choose wisely and wager responsibly with limited chances of losing. Also, look for credible sources when researching boxing before you wager. You may even try casinos offering free games to practice on your gambling skills.

Jonny Stapleton

Irish-boxing.com contributor for 15 years and editor for the past decade. Have been covering boxing for over 16 years and writing about sport for a living for 19 years. Former Assistant Sports editor for the Gazette News Paper Group and former Tallaght Voice Sports Editor. Have had work published in publications around the world when working as a freelance journalist. Also co-founder of Junior Sports Media and Leinster Rugby PRO of the Year winner. email: editoririshboxing@gmail.com