Nesbitt: I felt like I had done 12 rounds with Frampton on Sunday morning

James Nesbitt has shown he can take slagging on the chin.

The actor’s over-exuberant and incoherent interview on Sky Sports pre-Carl Frampton’s mega unification clash with Scott Quigg on Saturday night went viral and prompted numerous social media jibes.

However, on Wednesday Nesbitt showed he has the ability to laugh at himself as he recorded a clip for the BBC Stephen Nolan Show where Carl Frampton and Barry McGuigan were guests.

He said: “Greetings Carl from a very hot and sticky but very beautiful botanic gardens here in Singapore where I’m doing a bit of work.

“Also it was the furthest place I could get away to after Saturday night.

“What a performance and indeed you weren’t bad either.

“I wanted to congratulate you but I was unable to speak to you, to be fair I was unable to speak, a little bit too much hospitality beforehand.

“However, we are incredibly proud of you and indeed on Sunday morning I felt like I too had been through 12 gruelling rounds with the world champion, Northern Ireland’s very own Carl Frampton.

“Everyone is so proud – well done.”


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