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Roe: I am looking to go out and hurt my opponent

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Not quite Clubber Lang of Rocky III style, but Bernard Roe is predicting pain for his opponent this coming Saturday.

The Dublin light middleweight prospect fights in Bradford on the same night a host of local talent go to work in the National Stadium, and avoided the pre fight ‘get the win, don’t care how it comes’ stock answer when speaking to Irish-boxing.com.

Roe is adamant he is going out for hurt Matt Scriven when he enters a pro ring for the third time at the Cedar Court Hotel this weekend.

The 24 year old wants to impress and he thinks the best way to do it is to get the knockout.

“I’m predicting the win. I’m always going out looking to hurt my opponents and go for the stoppage and put on a show,” Roe told Irish-boxing.com.

Roe will certainly be expected to beat Scriven, but the experienced journey man is as adept at surviving as Bear Grills and could prove hard to stop. The 42 year old, who has been used as a test for a host of names early in their career, hasn’t been stopped since 2010 and does seem a good learning fight for the 24 year old Dub.

“My opponent is 42 and he’s been around the scene for awhile. He’s been in with some good names the likes of Billy Joe Saunders, Liam Smith and Brian Rose so it’ll be a good learning fight for me I’m sure I will take a lot from the experience,” he added before saying he wants a busy year.

“It’s great to get out so early and I want to keep the momentum going all year and stay as busy as possible.

“I’m loving the life of a pro I’ve took to it straight away and my trainer Georgie Vaughan is always teaching me new things, so I enjoy every minute of it and soak it all in.”

While Roe fights in Bradford fellow Dubs Jamie Kavanagh, Stephen Ormond,Declan Geraghty, Anthony Fitzgerald, Craig O’Brien and Sean Creagh will be in action in the National Stadium, just 24 hours after a host of other other fighters trade leather at teh Roadstone.

The 24 year old would like to go to work at home, but is content to be working on the road on Saturday.

“I like the challenge of fighting away from home it doesn’t faze me at all. I would love to be involved in the boxing scene back home and get in the mix with Irish fighters, but I am happy enough building the wins anywhere, who knows if the opportunity came up I’d jump on a fight in Ireland.”


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