Magee’s to fight for interim not regular WBA belt

June 16 Jonny Stapleton

Brian Magee’s WBA interim title fight with Jamie Barboza is not likely to be upgraded to a clash for the regular WBA belt, despite the fact current champion Dimitri Sartison was stripped of the title this week.

Rumours were rife that Magee, who challenged for the IBF strap in March, would get a second mega world title clash after the German had the belt unbuckled from his waist by the governing body.

However, manager Pat Magee claims as of yet there has been no change and the Belfast veteran will still fight for the right to become interim champion in Costa Rica on July 30.

The experienced manager revealed he will have official conformation next week, but predicts Stanyslav Kashtanov, who Sartison was due to face in August, fight Hungarian former WBO champion Karoly Balszay at the Dombass Arena in Dontesk, Ukraine for the now vacant title.

“We have yet get conformation from the WBA as to what is happening. We are awaiting contact on Monday, but I am fairly confident Brian will be challenging for the WBA interim belt and not the WBA title. I believe Kashtanov and Balszay will now challenge for the belt.”


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