Gerard Healy targets Irish title following comeback revenge

Gerard Healy [6(0)-4(1)-1] made the choice to jump straight back into a tough fight after almost two years out, and the Belfast light middleweight noted how it was a necessary risk.

Healy fought on Saturday for the first time since June 2015, boxing on the inaugural Kieran Farrell Belfast show at The Devenish Complex.

Rather than ease his way back in, Healy pushed to secure a rematch with Willie Warburton – widely known as one of the most dangerous journeymen in Britain, and one who had beaten Healy back in 2012.

A risky fight, ‘Boom Boom’ Healy would dominate the four rounder, looking like a new fighter in what was his first contest since linking up with Ray Ginley and Dee Walsh at the new Immanuel Boxing Academy.

Speaking after the 40-36 win, Healy described how it was a test he felt he had to take. The 33 year old explained how “I had to get all these doubts out of my head.”

“Me and Ray sat down, we talked about it, and I said that I was going to start with the hardest [possible fight]. Gerard Healy always starts with the hardest.”

“William has a lot of big wins and he’s no easy task.”

“It’s a big win. I was watching the Crolla [v Linares II] undercard and Marcus Morrisson, 14-0, fought Jason Welborn – who I didn’t even know fought William, and William had beaten him!”

The relationship between me, Dee, and Ray, all the lads in the gym, everything’s been going great. Me and Ray have been training since before Christmas, getting ready for a fight. Thank God Kieran [Farrell, manager] came over and signed a load of boys.

A grinning Healy had plenty of swagger about him on Saturday, switch hitting and leaving his hands down. The Belfast man admitted that “I was doing a bit of fancy stuff, I’m enjoying my boxing.”

“I put a great performance on tonight and that’s Gerard Healy back.”

The enjoyment and passion currently felt by Healy is thanks in no small part to his new training situation, and he reasoned how “Ray and Dee know me inside out, they know everything about me, they’re some of my closest friends. I feel comfortable, it’s great.”

“I never thought I would’ve come back, but Ray talked me into coming back.

With the comeback win, and a slice of revenge, in the bag, Healy is single-minded on what his next target is.

“Ray and Dee are taking me to an Irish title shot,” he stated.

“Everybody else has had their turn, it’s time for me to get my shot. Either middleweight or light middleweight, I’m easy, I’ll fight anybody.”

“I’m coming for that Irish title, it’s my time.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)

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