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‘You’ll see me soon’- Peter Carr’s message to Irish middles

‘You can run but you can’t hide’ is Peter Carr’s message to Ireland’s middleweights, although it seems those in the title frame won’t have to run too fast just yet.

Carr crashed onto the scene with an eye-catching debut win over David Tancos at the Warehouse last Friday.

Indeed, such was the manner of the first-round stoppage victory that it had people ringside fantasy matchmaking and dreaming of all Irish fights involving him.

However, Carr says it won’t be pedal to the metal in that regard just yet. While he feels he could be ready for Irish title-eligible fighters the Crumlin-trained prospect knows he has to earn the right to challenge for belts and has to prove to fans he is big fight worthy.

The Ian Gaughran mentored Dub has no problem doing that and warns once he has earned his stripes he will be gunning for everyone.

“People are afraid to admit it but you have to start off, I don’t like saying journeymen, but in fights like that to gain experience,” he says.

“I know I can fight someone 10-0, but I have to earn respect to get up there,” he adds before firing a warning.

“I will earn that respect and one thing I’ll say is everyone can run but you can’t hide forever.

“You will see me soon and you will feel me soon. At the end of the day no bad blood but I’m here to put food on my family’s table, you are too, but I’m not going to let you stand in my way.”

Tancos represented a solid enough start from Carr, he suffered defeat to Liam Walsh but came to Dublin with a solid enough record.

However, ‘The Devil’ says he was able to go to town on the Tank because he wasn’t from Town.

“It’s not a weak start but he is not a Townie, he’s not from Town, we are built different. He had a punch, I felt that but that’s why they call me the Devil, let me hit you with these hands and I’ll hurt you,” he adds before discussing his power.

“I’m not being funny, I do have a lot of power. I don’t want to sound like one of these big-headed people but I do have power in both hands. Tonight showed that and my kickboxing record showed that as well.

“You’ll see the power [moving forward] but I’ll try to get more rounds in next time.”


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