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The Irish Takeover – Steven Cairns backs Uncle Frank to bring him home

Steven Cairns believes Frank Warren has a strong enough Irish roster to promote shows in Ireland.

The Cork prospect officially teamed up with the veteran fight maker last week, joining the likes of Anthony Cacace, Pierce O’Leary, Willo Hayden and Eoghan Lavin on the list of Irish fighters on the Queensberry roster.

Now with a strong Irish contingent, the 21-year-old believes Warren, who is aligned to TNT Sports, could promote in Ireland for the first time since he worked with Carl Frampton late in the last decade.

“I’m over the moon to finally sign with a big promoter, I’m going to be fighting on TV now and be able to build my fanbase because obviously, my last few fights have been on the road,” he told the Mirror.

“There’s good motivation for me as well as there’s enough Irish boxers out there now to put on some Irish shows so hopefully there’s that to look forward to as well.”

There has always been excitement and interest around the former underage amateur standout but he hasn’t really gained massive exposure since he turned over.

A nomadic existence fed into that, as did the fact he wasn’t aligned to one of the big TV promoters.

That all changes moving forward the Rebel County Dave Coldwell mentored prospect claims the change came at the right time.

“It’s exactly what I wanted and exactly what I need at this stage of my career,” he added on the move to Queensberry. “I’ve developed a lot over the last two years.

“It’s now time to put in the big performances and win some belts.

“I think I’ll be fighting in April and then from April I’ll be fighting every two to three months so over this year I’ll be fighting four times, which is what I need and what I want.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years