World Youth title hopeful Cairns plans to give the fans what they want

Steven Cairns [4(2)-0] wants to start closing in on a World Youth title shot with victory in Newcastle on Saturday night

The European Youth silver medal winner kicks off his 2023 against the notoriously durable Jakub Laskowski [4(2)-21(2)-1] on the undercard of Lewis Ritson vs Ohara Davies at the Newcastle Arena.

The talented 20-year-old Cork native hopes it’s the first fight of many this year, a year he wants to win a World Youth title in.

“It’s great to be out early this year. I’m ready for an active year and hopefully, I get 4-5 fights under my belt,” he tells

“I would like 4-5 fights this year, stepping up to 8 rounders and fighting for a World Youth title along the way.”

Laskowski over six rounds may not be the fight to set up a shot at a World Youth title but it’s a solid enough bout for a young starlet at this stage of his career.

Cairns will be expected to beat the Pole, but the away corner fighter has the ability to ask questions as well as the tendency to last until the final bell.

Indeed, if the Rebel county man was to become the third fighter to register a stoppage win over the journeyman it would be deemed a statement of sorts – and such is his character and his desire to impress what appears to be a very dedicated following, he doesn’t shy away from expressing his desire to give the fans what they want. 

“I suppose you could say [stopping him would be a statement]. I’ve got a plane full of Irish supporters coming over, I know that they would like to see a knockout so that’s what I will be looking for!”  

“He’s tough he’s game and won’t give up easy, this is going to be a fight where I’ll have to break my opponent down and take him out in the later rounds,” he adds.

A victory on Saturday would bring Cairns, who is coached and managed by Dave Coldwell, to 5-0, the first real pro milestone. The lightweight is more than happy with how chapter one reads and believes he is now better placed to pen a success story.

“I think the progress I’ve made from my first fight till now is massive, I’m a completely different fighter than when I started. I’m very happy with the way I’m developing with David Coldwell.”


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