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Women Boxing in Ireland: Katie Taylor – The True Superhero of Women’s Boxing

The modern world now knows about the actual power of women. And the improvement of women’s boxing is just a catalyst to this evolving spark of women’s empowerment. Ireland has her pride Katie Taylor, who came into the limelight for the first time and brought home a winning trophy. It was October 2001 when Katie Taylor was a 15 years old girl with a fixed target in her mind! She aimed to own the first position at Dublin’s first-ever sanctioned national female boxing match. And guess what? She did it! She won against Alanna Audley from Belfast. 

Who would have thought that a simple girl from Ireland would become the best in the world women’s boxing list in such a short time? Her struggle and pain paid it off! The year 2001 was just the start of her life. 

The concept of women’s boxing is highly successful these days. And since sports betting is always a part of every athletic event, the same thrill is in women’s boxing. Moreover, there are a lot of Irish bookies that operate online, so grab this opportunity and put your bets on Katie Taylor, the best right now! Therefore, keep reading this article to know more about the brave feminine personalities of the women’s boxing world, and then put your bets accordingly. 

History of Women’s Boxing

Women’s boxing came into existence in the early 18th century. One of the earliest competitions occurred between Hannah Hayfield and Elizabeth Wilkinson in 1722. Wilkinson soon was given the title of “European Championess”. Boxing in the earlier times had no specific hard rules and boundaries. The boxers used to indulge in kicking, gouging, and likewise methods of attack on the opponents.

The Olympics of 1904 in St. Louise allowed women’s boxing to take part in it for the first-ever time. And this was the beginning of a new era for women in the ring! The early 20th century brought a lot of improvement in this sport. The International Board for women’s boxing introduced fair rules that completely changed the game. Early 2000 faced the uprising storm of the women’s boxing world, and she is Katie Taylor. 

By 2012, new gender-separated jerseys were created for the brave women who belong to the fighting rings. And by the end of 2015, the world women’s boxing federation brought together a bunch of competitive titles to name one big title holder. 

The history of women’s boxing screams struggle, but the success they are getting now is worth everything.  Today many safe and secured Irish bookies that operate online provide favorable offers and odds to their punters. So, if you are into women’s boxing, don’t waste more time and start winning now. 

What Is the General Situation of Women’s Boxing in Ireland

The whole world praises the boxing champions in Ireland. And they deserve so much love and support from every geographical corner of the map. As you may know, women’s boxing was banned in Ireland in the early 1990s. But eminent personalities like Taylor, Gogarty, and many other women boxing champions from Ireland kept practicing what they loved. And see where they are at right now! Such a comeback with women’s boxing talent convinced Ireland to legalize female boxing in the country. 

As mentioned, Katie Taylor plays a very important role in legalizing women’s boxing in Ireland. Well, it was October 2001, when Katie was just a 15 years old girl who won the first-ever female boxing match at the National stadium of Ireland. Since then, the Government of Ireland got the idea that the booming generation of women boxers could rule the world someday. And have a look at them now; each of them has created history in its category. Moreover, Ireland is in the lead now in the world of women’s boxing competitions.

Furthermore, the general situation in Women’s Boxing Ireland is quite acceptable, and the fan population brings home a lot of money. When there is fame, there is profit. And this gave birth to countless online bookmakers in Ireland. Want to try something thrilling? Then hurry up and take the expert’s advice on betting sites you must register. 

Rules to Play Women’s Boxing    

Boxing is a game of thrill, suspense, and honesty. Therefore, it includes many rules, and the participants must play by the rules to win the ring. So go through the following as it can also help you win your bets!

  • There are 10 rounds, each lasting for 2 minutes. And there is a time gap of 1 minute between every round. 
  • Women boxers use the same weight classes as male boxers. 
  • About the kits, women boxers must wear groin and breast protectors to save themselves from sudden injuries.
  • The boxers in the ring must not put any external cosmetics on their skin during the match. 

These are the basic rules in women’s boxing, and the rest are a bit complicated and only for the boxers. 

Katie Taylor – The True Superhero of Women’s Boxing in Ireland

Ireland’s great athlete, Katie Taylor, has the biggest fan base in women’s boxing. Moreover, her boxing skills are no joke. There are two sides of a coin, and the same goes for the biography of Katie Taylor. She had success only because she conquered uncountable sacrifices. However, she was the only women boxing amateur in the gym she went to. Also, she was the one to push women’s boxing as an official sport in the Olympics. Taylor deserves no bad! Her life started as a simple girl, became a professional, and became an inspiration. Don’t you think she achieved many good things in her life? Therefore, if you are eager to know about the very known pride of Ireland, keep your eyes on the article! 

Katie Taylor was born in Dublin, Ireland. She was a simple girl with dreams but doubted her progress. Katie’s mother, Bridget, was one of the early female judges and referees in women’s boxing. Taylor stepped into the boxing career at the age of 12 in 1998. Her father was the one to coach her toward her success. She won her first official match at the National Stadium, Ireland, in October 2001.

Furthermore, 2005 was great for Taylor, as she won Amateur European Championships. Katie Taylor was the first ever women boxer from Ireland to win a gold medal at the World Women’s Boxing Championship. She won under the category of 60 kg weight class. In addition, Katie Taylor is indeed the best; her wins are still screaming worldwide. Didn’t you become a fan of Katie Taylor till now? Well, I am now! She is a real inspiration in winning the gold medal in the women boxing Olympics 2012.

Moreover, these are not the only milestones in her career, as she had five consecutive wins in the world championships. Furthermore, she holds the history of winning the European Championships six times. Not only these, but she also won the gold shining medal at the European Games. Isn’t she amazing? She has a total of 20 wins throughout her boxing career. Do you know? That her talents are not only the pride of Ireland but also the complete women’s boxing club. Therefore, she is the bravest superhero in women’s boxing Ireland. And trust me, she deserves so much love and wishes.

Furthermore, it is not shocking news that her work and contributions gained her an army of fans. And the introduction of women’s boxing on various betting sites made the world know more about her. 

We all knew by that time how excellent Katie was as a person and an athlete. Therefore, when you have a role model, you must also follow their disciplined steps to achieve success in life. 

Similarly, Katie shared her 10 regular lessons that you should follow thoroughly throughout your life.

● Start your day by completing the task you need to.

● Take help from someone to guide you in your life.

● Be kind to everyone and show them respect.

● Take risks to conquer your dreams.

● Don’t be scared of your failures.

● Always give a strong comeback.

● Face down those who look down on you.

● Try to step forward when you are at your most challenging.

● Try to inspire people who need it. 

If you want to hear more about her, it will take lots of pages and uncountable appreciable words to describe her humanity. Therefore, this was all about the wins and ups she went through in her life. Of course, she had her bad times but let’s talk about the positives! And she would prefer to talk about the sparks and stars to motivate her people.

Is It Profitable to Bet on Women’s Boxing? 

Don’t you think that it can be an easy win for you? What do you think can be the perfect answer to this question? Well, this article was enough to prove to you that it is a “Yes”. Boxing is a type of sport that organizes many tournaments and competitions throughout the year. And the winner is sometimes very much predictable in boxing. It’s about the player’s strength, earlier wins, title, and power. And all of these skills are portrayed live during the fights. Study their moves and then analyze the participant you think can win this time. Put your bets on them, and wait for your luck to shine! But the doubt lies in how you are supposed to know about their moves. Well, here are some of the boxing details that pay off in the betting system.

● When there’s a fight going on between the two. Try to figure out which boxer has a more extended reach. Because the one with longer reach gets hurt less. She can easily get hold of her opponent as a defense mechanism. 

● Study the weaknesses of the fighters. It can be speed, time, and likewise. Therefore, focus on the factors that negatively impact the fighter’s gameplay. 

● If you are not sure about your research, put your bets on the southpaw; technically, they win the most! 

● There are a lot of fighters who are trained differently. However, the hunter type is the most dangerous, and they came to win the show. You can trust them! 

Final Words

Women’s boxing has its huge fan base all over the world. The modern generation is giving birth to uncountable female boxers, which is a matter of pride. The evolution of women’s boxing also increased the number of online bookmakers in Ireland. So enjoy the thrilling boxing matches and keep on winning your bets. And trust be boxing is a winning sport for the regular gamblers. All you need to do is to study their moves! 

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