Wilton on revenge mission

1 July 2010 – By Jonny Stapleton

Belfasts Luke Wilton is hoping to secure a British title shot by avenging his defeat to Usman Ahmed in Doncaster tonight.

Wilton suffered a surprise reverse at the gloves of flamboyant Derby fighter, Ahmed in Dublin City University 18 months ago, but has a chance to settle the score when the pair fight on the under card of Jamie McDonnell and Rodrigo Bracco European title fight.

Revenge, however isnt Winky Wiltons only motivation going into the clash. The Belfast flyweight has a domestic title and Shinny Baayar in his sights.

Wilton has signed a three-year deal with Frank Maloney and believes if he defeats Ahmed tonight he will secure a bout with British flyweight champion Baayar.

Wilton, who is tracking down a British title clash was defeated by Ahmed at Dublin City University in December 2008 but has been keen on a rematch ever since.

After I defeat Amhed the idea is to fight Bayaar. It is not one hundred percent confirmed but Bayaar wants a voluntary defence before he fights Sexton again. We are confident that voluntary will be me, Wilton told the Mirror before commenting on his upcoming rematch.

I am confident of winning this time. I wanted this fight the minute his hand was raised the last time we fought. I didnt do much wrong in that fight. I thought I was robbed blind and everybody in the arena felt the same. He is a little cocky but he didnt play up the last time we fought so that isnt an issue for me. The only thing on my mind is winning then i can say revenge was sweet. I am excited as this my first appearance on Sky but the main thing is winning and getting the title shot.

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