Wilton accepts Conlans offer-ready to prove he is Lord of Flys

By Jonny Stapleton

Luke Wilton is eager to settle the Lord of the Belfast Fly’s debate once and for all and told Jamie Conlan to get in touch if he wants to get it on.

Wilton was upset by comments made by his fellow flyweight after his six round victory in

Irish Prospect of the Year Conlan

Liverpool last week suggesting Conlan was a level above his city rival.

As a result ‘Winky’ told Mirror Sport he is willing to challenge the ‘Irish Prospect of the Year’ and take part in what would be one of the most eagerly anticipated Belfast derby’s in recent history.

Both fighters are said to be on the verge of a British Title fight, but it seems they could trade leather for the Irish title first.

“I heard Jamie called me out so and I just want to say I  accept his challenge. He disrespected me by saying he is a level above me. I challenge him to prove that. I don’t see how Jamie is on verge of British title when he hasn’t  anybody good on his record. I would be happy to fight him to clear up who is the best between us once and for all. I’m very confident of winning ” Wilton said.

The Belfast fighter also dismissed claims made by  London 2012 bound Michael Conlan- Jamie’s brother- that he knocked back fight on three separate occasions.

“I have never been offered the fight. Michael Conlan has said I was  offered it three times. That is a load of rubbish. They are all talk about the fight but no contact has been made yet.”

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