Whyte vs Povetkin – A Preview of this Summer’s Most Awaited Fight

British heavyweight boxer Dillian Whyte is finally putting his world championship aspirations to the test against the Russian powerhouse Alexander Povetkin on August 22. The much-awaited event was already delayed twice due to unforeseen events. But fans aren’t the tiniest bit concerned as the timings could not have been any better!

The Grand Finale of Matchroom’s Fight Camp will be broadcasted directly to home due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. But, the atmosphere at home will remain charged up all through the night. As the event approaches, betting on boxing nights continues to pick up the pace.

Background Recap of Both Fighters

Dillian Whyte’s prior kickboxing career played a key part in his very short amateur boxing career, with a 6-0 winning streak including 5 knockouts. The most notable among which is the infamous victory during his amateur debut fight. Following the takedown, an opponent went into a coma after which authorities had to intervene and revoke Whyte’s amateur license owing to him being a veteran in another professional close-combat sport. Thus, forcing him into the professional league.

Povetkin, on the other hand, is a professional fighter that has won it all. With a winning streak of 125 out of 132 face-offs, the Russian has a World Championship, European Championship, and Olympic Gold Medals to his credit.

Setting their differences aside, both boxers have a lot in common, including a penalty for doping offences in the past that continue haunting them to this day. Whyte wants a shot at the world title considering he has been in the professional circuit for a while now. While Povetkin has no intention of going easy on him.

What are the Predictions for the Grand Event?

While this could be quite an even bout, the odds are slightly in Whyte’s favour. Historically speaking, the Brixton boxer has been on a dominating streak recently, proving to be tough as nails, especially when returning from a knockdown. His resolve to be crowned a British boxing legend is stronger now than ever.

Plus, the impending fight against Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury, depending on who is holding the title, is all the motivation Bodysnatcher Whyte needs to secure another win for now. With the Wilder 3 vs Fury bout scheduled for October, Whyte has been promised a shot at the title in February 2021 by the World Boxing Council.

The Whyte vs Povetkin fight is expected to change the current standings in the heavyweight division. With an incredible story of humiliation and revenge on his side, Whyte is the current favourite. This story began in 2015 with a defeat against AJ, which saw Whyte turn from a farce into a public hero.

It would only be poetic justice with a shot at the World Championship this year for the 32-year-old boxer. The only thing standing between him and the title is a 40-year old man who has no intention of backing out. Just ask his last two victims, AJ and Hunter!


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