Why online casinos start sponsoring fights and other sports events? Who Benefits?

Recently, cases, when a sportsman became an ambassador of a certain gambling company, have become more frequent. In fact, there are certain reasons for this. The main purpose of a sponsorship is to provide financing to a sportsman for the successful promotion of the gambling company. This is beneficial to both sides for many reasons.

Why Casinos Fund Box And Other Kinds Of Sport?

Let’s look in more detail at the pros of this type of marketing.

1. Such cooperation helps to improve the gambling company’s image in comparison with other competitors. Funding large-scale boxing events and sportsmen increases the level of prestige of the brand in the eyes of the public. As a result, this makes a positive impact on the online slots company reputation.

2. It helps to make more sales and attract a bigger amount of users for a bookmaker. Advertising of the company will significantly increase the level of sales, even if it only for a short period.

3. Promotion will favorably affect the level of reliability between partners of online casino sites, employees, and customers. Creating a positive image and raising brand awareness are the key factors for a casino brand’s promotion.

4. Funded boxers get impressive payments, as this is one of the most profitable types of business for them.

Reputational Risks: Are There Any?

But not everything is so bright as some cons of paid promotion may appear. Among the main of them are the next two:

1. It’s difficult to track efficiency as it’s almost impossible to track the traffic source using in this type of marketing.

2. If a funding casino or a gambling company gets to situations with a negative influence on reputation, it may also cause reputational risks for a sponsored sportsman. 

Examples Of Gambling Sponsorship In Sport

We offer you to look at the most striking examples of funding.

1. Parimatch. To create a new image of the company, it changed its visual style and signed a new ambassador of the bookmaker – the Irish mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor. The MMA superstar became the face of Parimatch Holding under a two-year agreement aimed at promoting content and enhancing consumer engagement.

2. Betmotion, is now sponsoring an Ultimate Fighting Championship star, Mackenzie Dern. The agreement was made for one year, and Mackenzie becomes one more bright star at the growing Betmotion.

3. The betting company “Liga Stavok” has signed an agreement with the Boxing Federation of Russia. Within the framework of this agreement, the Betting League will provide comprehensive support to domestic boxing, take an active part in the development of this sport, and attract the attention of its users to boxing. BC “League of Bets” will receive the status of an exclusive betting company of the Russian boxing championship, professional boxing matches, and will also become a title partner of boxing matches and events.


Before sponsoring, the company must check whether its brand corresponds to the values of the community in order to maximize the potential of promoting. Here is a simple example: it would be pointless for a gambling company to fund a club whose community actively opposes betting.

If the company does it well, then participants and fans of these market sports or events are more likely to buy the sponsor’s product or service, regardless of the quality, since they will consider the sponsor a part of their lifestyle, due to the special relationship with their club, or sportsmen.


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