British Shorthair: 7 Reasons To Own This Cat Breed

If you are thinking of getting a cat, then you probably already have a few specific breeds in mind that you would like to own. Given the fact that you are here, one of those breeds is the British Shorthair. As every responsible person, though, you don’t want to get this animal until you have learned as much about it as possible. This is precisely why you have found your way here and why you have decided to learn about the british shorthair temperament, personality, health and many more things.

Depending on whom you ask, you might get contradicting answers about whether you should get this cat or not. Some people adore their lazy and affectionate, although a bit stubborn, personalities, while others prefer a bit more active pets. While it all ultimately depends on what you want and need, the truth is that there are quite a lot of reasons why you should own a British Shorthair.

In the event that you are not sure about those reasons, I suggest you keep on reading this article, because I will give you a list of some great reasons why you should get a British Shorthair and make it a part of your family. By getting acquainted with these reasons, you will be able to decide all on your own whether you should get this animal for a pet or not. So, let us begin learning and thus help you make this important decision.

  1. They Are Adorable

This might not be the most important reason, but it is definitely quite worth mentioning. Basically, British Shorthairs are extremely adorable and nobody is able to resist their charming and endearing appearance and personalities. I am sure that you won’t be able to resist them either, with those huge eyes and a fluffy, round face. Even though they are short-haired, they are actually quite fluffy, so don’t make the mistake of thinking otherwise.

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  1. They Are Affectionate

If you want a pet that will know how to shower you with love and affection, then you will definitely enjoy the personality of a British Shorthair. Although this breed is generally known for not being quite fond of holding and cuddling, the truth is that British Shorthairs do enjoy human affection and they do know how to show their owners that they love them. Of course, this most certainly doesn’t mean that they will spend all of their time cuddling with you because, let’s face it, they are still rather independent and like to be the boss of the relationship.

  1. They Are Healthy

Of course, when thinking about whether to get this cat or not, you will want to learn more about its overall health, so that you know which conditions and diseases to pay attention to. Well, if this is what you are concerned about, then you will definitely love what I am about to say next. In simple words, British Shorthairs are known for being quite healthy, meaning that they don’t have any breed-specific conditions that you should be concerned about. As every other cat, though, they can develop certain diseases and you need to provide them with regular veterinarian care so as to keep them healthy.

  1. They Are Quite Social

One of the things that people love about British Shorthairs is the fact that they behave like social butterflies, even though they do have that independent trait that I have mentioned above. What does this precisely entail, though? Well, let me put it like this. If you decide to have a party at your house, you can rest assured that your cat will spend time with each and every guest. In short, it will be the perfect host, which will make those parties all the more fun.

  1. They Can Adapt To Any Situation

British Shorthairs are the perfect pets for every single person and every single family, regardless of where it is that you actually live. To put it differently, they can adapt to basically any situation, meaning that they can live both in a huge house with a big yard and in a tiny apartment. If you live in an apartment and you were worried that this animal won’t like spending time there, you can stop beating yourself up. What’s more, one of the reasons why people love to own these animals, together with those found on this site, is the fact that they can live just about anywhere and adapt to practically all circumstances.

  1. They Love Kids

If you have kids, you will definitely wonder whether your new pet will love them too. Well, I cannot say for sure for other animals, but if you get a British Shorthair, you will definitely get to enjoy their affectionate relationship with your kids. They are gentle and calm and they will adore your children.

  1. They Will Be A Constant Source Of Fun And Laughs

Enough serious talk, am I right? All of the facts that I have mentioned above are certainly significant for you and will definitely help you decide if you want to own a British Shorthair, but let us face the facts here. We all want our pets to be interesting in at least some ways and that is certainly what you will get from this specific breed. They are goofy and funny and they will make you laugh every single day.


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