Why boxers do like play in online casinos

Athletes are known for enjoying their time off the court and spending a lot of money on fun and entertainment. No one is surprised anymore to hear news about sportsmen playing casino games, but boxers are probably the most famous gamblers of all. 

They love the lights of traditional casinos, but it turns out that they also appreciate online entertainment as well. There have been numerous reports on boxers gambling on the Internet, with some of them wasting small fortunes along the way. 

But why do boxers like playing online casino games so much?

We can name a whole bunch of reasons, but let’s start from the very beginning and get you fully acquainted with the world of gambling and boxers. Here we go!

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Who Are the Greatest Gamblers among Boxers? 

We all hear stories about boxers who love gambling, but generalizations are not welcome on Gamb Lizard. After all, some boxers gamble and some don’t, so we want to discuss the specifics and point out athletes who are definitely known for their casino game affinities. We are sure that you will be surprised to see some of the names on our list! 

  • Floyd Mayweather

One of the best athletes of all time is also one of the biggest gamblers among boxers. Floyd Mayweather is a passionate gambler and bettor who enjoys placing wagers on his favorite teams. For instance, Floyd placed a $1.1 million bet on a college football match and it earned him $1 million. 

  • Manny Pacquaio 

One would probably expect to see Mayweather on the list, but Manny Pacquaio definitely comes as a surprise here. Manny has always been a kind person who helps his fellow Filipinos, but that doesn’t stop him from rolling a dice every now and then. 

  • Evander Holyfield 

A former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield is also a passionate gambler who has frequently visited places like MGM Grand and The Mirage. Holyfield’s gambling addiction is probably one of the key causes of his turbulent personal life and three failed marriages. 

Reasons Why Boxers Love Gambling

We can go on like this forever, but these names are more than enough to prove that gambling is a big deal among pro boxers. However, there is still one question left unanswered here: What makes online casinos so interesting in the eyes of a pro boxer? 

We understand that every person has his unique excuses, but we identified the five most common reasons. Let’s check them out!

  1. Privacy

Professional athletes earn a lot of media attention – perhaps even too much – and so they are trying to hide from journalists by playing casino games online. This gives boxers a greater degree of privacy since no one can track their behavior on the Internet or judge them for doing the things they love. For people surrounded by cameras 24/7, gambling on the Internet must be a huge privilege.  

  1. Availability

The sheer fact that mobile gambling platforms are available at a glance encourages boxers to give them a try and play casino games online.

  1. Time-related benefits

Visiting a traditional casino requires a fair share of planning and organization, which means that it eats up too much time from busy sportsmen. Online casino apps solve the problem very smoothly because they allow boxers to play the game whenever they have 15 minutes to spare. They can do it while waiting for a ride or while resting or while having lunch – there are no boundaries. 

  1. Excitement

Being a professional athlete is not easy because it forces people to spend six to eight hours training every single day. This basically means that many boxers lack genuine excitement in their lives. This is where online casinos step in to help boxers get that much-needed dose of daily excitement and entertainment. 

  1. A good way to spend money

Some boxers earn millions per fight and spending that much money is not so easy. Online gambling gives them the chance to spend some money while having fun, which is a win-win situation for boxers and gambling platforms.

The Bottom Line

Athletes spend so much time training for their matches that they really need relief every once in a while. As it turns out, many boxers find their relief in online casinos. In this post, we mentioned some of the most famous gamblers among boxers and described the most obvious reasons why professional sportsmen like playing online casino games. Of course, the list of reasons does not end there and you are free to discuss your own reasons in the comments! 


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