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What Emotions do Boxers Experience when they Win and what is it Comparable to

Ask any professional boxer, and they will tell you. What they do on the ring is not easy at all. Most matches last up to 12 rounds, leaving you aching and bleeding from all the punches you get on the face, ears, ribs, and abdomen. God forbid if you are on the receiving end of a knockout, which leaves you disoriented or unconscious. Even so, professional boxers will also tell you about the good side of it, which is winning. And have you ever wondered what emotions boxers go through after emerging victorious in a boxing match? Well, it almost feels like you when you achieve the following things in life:

○ Bag a Life-changing Win

Ever seen someone receive news about a lump sum that’s headed their way? Maybe it is a lottery that hundreds of people have been coveting for years. Or a mega-win notification at cash online casinos playing casino games such as slots, especially if you were using the bonus funds you received after signing up to play. They roll, jump up and down, and scream at the top of their lungs. A boxing match winner may not have any strength to do all that, but it sums up the feeling.

○ Waking up from a Terrible Nightmare

You can liken a boxing match to a nightmare in several ways. First, just like a bad dream, the build-up can make you feel scared to the bone. You might be thoroughly prepared for it, but there’s always the fear of the unknown. Secondly, there’s that rhythmic thumping of your heartbeat during your worst of night terrors, which is commonplace for boxers during match day. Win, and it’s all over.  

○ Buying Something You Have Always Wanted

The thought of finally having something you always wanted will keep you working tirelessly year after year. That is what we call chasing your dreams, in other words. Depending on the person, it can be a dream car, house, or even just acquiring a television. And you can feel on top of the world after finally getting your hands on it.

○ Graduating

Your graduating ceremony can conjure up so many feelings. You can feel proud and excited, not to mention the anticipation of what’s coming next. This is the same with boxers after winning a duel. They feel excited and pleased with their achievement while looking forward to their next fight. 

○ Winning a Chess Game

Boxing is like chess in many ways. In both games, studying your opponent is necessary so that you make the right moves. That is not to mention that both games feature several ways the match can end. In boxing, it can be the good old knockout or a majority, split, & unanimous decision, to mention a few. A chess game, on the other hand, can be concluded as a result of resignation, timeout, checkmate, and others. The ultimate similarity, however, lies in taking the W, where you can rightly say that winning in boxing feels the same as doing so in chess. You get that indescribable dopamine rush, knowing that you have creatively outsmarted your rival while avoiding making mistakes that could have led to your downfall. 

○ Getting out of the Agony of Being Tased

If someone fires a taser at you, you will be willing to give anything for it to end. You get subjected to excruciating pain, especially inside your brain. And you will be glad when it’s over, just like how an athlete will feel when hours of mental strain and receiving punches finally come to an end.  

 ○ Receiving your First Paycheck

There are so many exciting firsts in life, but none quite compares to receiving your first paycheck. You feel as if you have conquered so many trials, and you are finally getting rewarded for it.


Most of us will go a lifetime without experiencing the emotions of emerging victorious inside a ring ourselves. The scenarios we just described, however, nail how it feels to a T. So, attain one of them, and you will have lived in the moment of landing a knockout!  


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years