What Are the Top AFL Betting Options?

The Australian Football League or AFL is the sports competition most watched by Australians. Some of the best athletes participate, and every season has millions of fans, from Australia and worldwide, glued to their television screens from March to September.

The AFL is also known to attract several bettors. Fans of the league and bettors alike speculate on the outcome of the matches. The statistics and TV ratings are the best way to determine the performance of a team. Although about 18 football teams from across the five states in the country participate in AFL, vying for the Premiership Cup, there are some obvious crowd favourites.

If you are interested in betting for the AFL this season, and if you are a beginner to sports betting, then the chances are that you will have quite a few queries. To start with, here are the different betting options you have for AFL games. 

Most of these options are available in the sportsbooks, and you will be able to place different types of bets for each. Click here to know more about AFL game betting.

  1. Win Bet

This is the most common form of placing bets. It is easy to place a bet, guessing which team will win. You can place a bet on the crowd favourite or even your personal favourite.

  1. Line Bet

This type of bet is known as the spread. You can place a bet after selecting the right team, once the bookmaker has published a points break up. Several bookmakers use this method to balance out the betting game by levelling the field for all the teams before the game begins.

  1. Margin Bet

Margin bet is much more than just betting on the team you think has the maximum chances of winning. Not only are you required to place your bet on the team, but you also need to predict by how much margin the team is going to win by. So, you could place a bet on Team-A, and you also predict they will win by 1 to 39 points. There are better odds with a margin bet, and so many bettors feel this is the best betting option for AFL. 

  1. First Goal

This is also one of the most fun ways of betting in AFL. You will have to bet on the team who you think will make the first goal in a match. The odds are placed, based on which team has the best forward instead of the midfielders and defenders. The betting trends from the past few years have shown that this particular form is prevalent at the AFL Grand Final.

  1. Most Goals

Again, the bet is placed based on which team player will score the highest number of goals in a match. Just like the first goal, the emphasis is largely on the forward players of the team.

  1. Most Disposals

The players are divided into two groups. You have to select one player from a group you think will perform better than the other group players according to the number of disposals.

  1. Medal Winner

For this, the bettors have to consider the performance of the whole season and place a bet on the player they think will have the best performance of the season, ultimately winning the medal. There are also quite a few kinds of medals for you to bet on. In this form, the midfielders are the favourites because they have the most time with the ball on the field, and their performance has a significant impact on the match. Hence, they have the shortest odds.

With these various types of betting options, and depending on your knowledge of the game, you will find the one which will help you make some money. This AFL season will be so much better when you make some big wins!


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