What Are CBD Patches? Are They Helpful With Chronic Pain?

If you want to test cannabidiol (CBD) to relieve pain or inflammation in a specific location of your body, you can do so using a patch. When placed on your skin, a patch permits CBD to be absorbed within a particular area. Patches are manageable and discreet, but you may question if they’re as efficient as CBD oils, candies, or even lotions. You can look for products of famous and well-trusted brands specialized in this category like CBDistillery.

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Do CBD Patches Work? 

CBD patches are roughly as potent as CBD given orally. However, as per a 2018 review of research, they have significant advantages over oral CBD. According to the experts, CBD taken orally is processed by your body before entering your circulation. CBD absorbed via the skin, such as in a patch, wouldn’t have to go through the same intermediary stage, allowing more of it to circulate in your blood. More CBD in your system implies more CBD is getting to the source of your discomfort.

Furthermore, most CBD patches are intended to stay on the body for the last several days.

 If you have to remember to take CBD oil or apply CBD lotion every day, you’ll get a gradual and consistent dosage that targets the specific region you need. However, there are certain drawbacks. For example, many businesses use chemical carriers to assist CBD to penetrate deeply and enter the bloodstream. These compounds may cause adverse reactions in certain persons.

CBD oil can also help you with your sleep. You can also find the best overall CBD oil for sleep from a reputed shop.

In the same 2018 analysis, the researchers highlight that the adhesive used in patches might cause a burning sensation in some people, particularly those with sensitive skin.

Furthermore, suppose you want to address a specific location, including your shoulder or back muscles, rather than contending with widespread or distributed aches and pains across your body. In that case, a patch will be more helpful.

Two reports of 2020 show that applied CBD may be a helpful therapy in reducing inflammation and inhibiting pain during back injury rehabilitation and treating nerve discomfort. In addition, topical CBD has been demonstrated to aid muscular relaxation in persons suffering from teeth grinding discomfort.

It’s crucial to remember that many studies haven’t been done on transdermal CBD patches. In addition, these products can be costly and may not be as efficient as CBD topical, so conduct your research and determine the best option for you.

It’s also conceivable that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will appear on a drug test when using a full-spectrum CBD patch. If you wish to avoid THC, opt for a CBD isolate item that includes CBD.

How Do CBD Patches Compare With Other Cbd Products For Pain?

There hasn’t been much study done on CBD patches for inflammation. On the other hand, patches administer CBD transdermally or via your skin, contrasting gummies, oils, and capsules. This implies that the CBD avoids your digestive system, potentially improving absorption or the amount of CBD that your body can utilize.

And also, because you wear a patch on your skin, you may experience a consistent stream of pain alleviation as the CBD enters your system over time. However, the procedure is sluggish. So, while there may be improved bioavailability, applying a patch does not guarantee that you will experience the effects of CBD right away.

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How To Shop For CBD Patches

  • Search for CBD patches that match the following requirements:
  • The organization delivers up-to-date, easily accessible Certificates Of Analysis (COAs). COAs provide test data from third-party laboratories, allowing you to confirm the product’s potency and ensure it was not contaminated throughout the production process.
  • The amount of CBD in the product is specified.
  • THC content less than 0.3 percent is the legal limit in the United States. Some states may authorize items with greater levels of THC.
  • The firm is open about where it grows or sources its hemp.
  • The company precisely mentions what is contained in each patch.
  • An impartial third-party lab does product testing.

Consider how long you want to wear the patch and what characteristics are essential to you. For example, you can wear some patches for a few hours, 24 hours, or even many days. Some are sweat proof or waterproof, so you may wear them while showering. Most patches will be stick-on; however, others will be more wrap-type and will not be sticky.

How To Use CBD Patches

Remember that patches should not be placed on mucous surfaces or injured skin. Before you begin, read the directions on the packaging, but here’s what you’ll do in general. If the patch is sticky, you will take it from the box and apply it to the achy or hurting region. Sticky patches are best utilized on soft tissue regions such as the lower back rather than joints such as the elbow, where they can fall off with movement. Wear for the recommended period on the container, then remove and reapply if required.

If somehow the patch is non-adhesive, you’ll apply it similarly to a heating pad. Put it on the damaged region and relax while it does its thing. Then, after the required number of hours mentioned on the packaging, discard it.

Safety And Side Effects

According to a 2017 review of research, CBD can interact with drugs you may be taking. While it is usually regarded as safe, some people may have adverse effects, including lethargy, diarrhea, changes in appetite, and weight changes. Before beginning CBD:

  1. Please consult with a healthcare practitioner to ensure it is safe for you.
  2. Do not take CBD if you are pregnant or nursing.
  3. Stop using it if you become irritated.
  4. On damaged skin, avoid using sticky patches.

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Are CBD Patches Better Than CBD Oil For Pain?

Because you’ll be wearing a CBD patch for a few days, you’ll get a steady, consistent release of CBD, which may assist with chronic pain. In addition, unlike with oil, you will not have to keep taking another dosage.

On the other hand, Patches aren’t as effective as swallowed oils for total body comfort. However, if you’re seeking to cure a specific location, such as your calf or shoulder, a patch will provide more significant results. Some people are allergic to the adhesives and chemicals used in patches, so if you have delicate skin, they may irritate you.


CBD patches, for many people, give an alternate route of delivering CBD to the body, allowing for speedier and more protracted pain relief. CBD patches may be helpful for acute onsets, such as knee or lower back discomfort. CBD patches could also be used in conjunction with other pain management strategies in relieving pain. While CBD patches treating pain may give symptom alleviation, anybody suffering from chronic pain should collaborate with their physician to address the underlying source of the discomfort.


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