Wellings releases Irish Boxing Review

24 February 2011

The Irish Boxing Review: 2011 edition is now available wth the first batch of copies available from www.irishboxingreview.com.

The review has been put together by Steve Wellings as a means of cataloguing the rise of Irish boxing. It includes fight reports, reviews and previews, interviews, feature pieces, photographs and a variety of other articles of interest to the boxing enthusiast across Ireland and beyond. From Irish title contests to world title showdowns, the review focuses on Irish boxers past and present, with expert opinion from some of the sports most respected managers, trainers and promoters across the amateur and professional circuit. It looks at the proud tradition of Irish boxers seeking fame and fortune in the United States, the controversial role of the world sanctioning bodies, the growing voice of online boxing news providers, a review of the popular National Boxing Awards and concludes by celebrating the striking re-growth of the sport in Ireland after a period in the wilderness.

It also follows some of the biggest domestic names. The likes of Paul McCloskey, Andy Lee, Brian Magee, Martin Lindsay, Matthew Macklin, Martin Rogan, John Duddy, the Hyland trio and more. It catalogues the rise of Willie Casey and the new breed of talent coming through including Carl Frampton, Anthony Fitzgerald, Jamie Kavanagh, Michael Sweeney, Stephen Ormond, Andy Murray, Jamie Conlan and Luke Wilton. We relieve great moments from the careers of Michael Carruth, Gerry Storey, Neil Sinclair and Darren Corbett, discuss Bernard Dunnes retirement with Harry Hawkins and travel to shows in all manner of locations to spot the next big talent.

The Irish Boxing Review will also be stocked by Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Please refer to the website for regular updates.

For more information log on to www.irishboxingreview.com.

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