WBF Laucnh ‘The Fight of Ireland’!

The World Boxing Federation has announced “The FIGHT to IRELAND” to support their newly created regional European title, the new WBF Gaelic/Celtic Championships.
The Fight to Ireland will be promoted nationally by Alex Beadle, President of the Georgia Boxing Association. Mr. Beadle stated “this is a great opportunity for Irish American/ Celtic fighters to compete to fight in their home country.
Irish American fighters have contributed greatly toward early American boxing history and we (fighters and fight fans) are forever grateful.
It is an honor to promote a title that embraces the heritage of some of the most feared fighters in history.
It is our goal to finale The Fight to Ireland each year on St. Patrick’s Day. We believe Irish and boxing goes hand and glove, unless you ask the late great Irish bare knuckle champion Dan Donnelly who probably would say he could do without the gloves”.
On behalf of myself WBF North American Coordinator Alan Santana, WBF President Howard Goldberg, WBF Irish Republic Representative David Walshe, WBF European Coordinator Olaf Schroeder and The World Boxing Federation welcomes Mr. Beadle and his team to build our WBF Gaelic/Celtic Championships here in North America.
The first fight is scheduled to begin March 17th St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, GA. The WBF Gaelic/Celtic Championships is open to the six original Celtic nations are Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man, however Gaelic people also have roots in parts of Spain, Portugal, France and Nova Scotia.
Credit for the creation of these championships goes to new WBF Irish Republic Representative David Walshe, who reasons: “The criteria to qualify for an Irish title restricts many non-Irish-based boxers the opportunity to fight for what is seen in their eyes as a very important title because of their Irish lineage.
The WBF Gaelic Celtic Championships, however, includes hundreds of boxers
all over the world and gives them a chance to box for an Irish-connected title.”
The Fight to Ireland begins with the World Boxing Federation’s inaugural Gaelic /Celtic Title. This title is offered to the six original Celtic nations Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man. Regardless of citizenship American boxers with Celtic heritage is the mark for eligibility to fight for this prestigious World Title.
The World Boxing Federation has approved the winner of this fight an ANNUAL guaranteed title fight in Ireland. Ireland has been the origin of boxing for some of the most feared fighters’ in history.
With Ireland’s deep rooted boxing heritage and North America’s National celebration of St.Patrick’s Day, we believe this to be an excellent opportunity to promote the FIGHT to IRELAND in front of millions of spectators looking to embrace a true Irish-American past time.
The FIGHT to IRELAND’s global vision is to have the best Celtic/American fighter become the State Parade Champion then represent America and his great family name in the biggest fight in Ireland. To achieve this, we embrace sponsors’ willing to have their products and services, showcased and associated with the professional global boxing.
The Debut FIGHT to IRELAND will be fought on St.Patrick’s Day in Savannah Georgia.The city of Savannah host the second largest St.Patrick’s Day celebration outside of Ireland. This event draws approximately 600,000 spectators and national media coverage. The FIGHT to IRELAND will be interwined inside the national coverage of the St. Patrick’s Day parade equipped with a “GBA fight float” with a pre-negotiated position behind the world famous Budweiser Clydesdales horses. The live event will be covered by FoxSouth seen in 10 million homes in over 7 states.

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