WATCH: McGregor and Mayweather have friendly face-off at final press conference

The final press conference for Mayweather v McGregor in Las Vegas last night was a bizarre affair.

When the fight was made, many felt that the even would bring more entertainment than the fight at the T-Mobile Arena itself.

Perhaps all the good material had been used up during the four-city world press tour, because last night’s event, which was a media-only affair, was verging on boring.

The animosity between the fighters, one of the supposed selling points of the match-up, was relatively absent, indeed the pair almost seemed friendly.

With no hordes of ravenous fans, the face-off was decidedly tamer than those on the world tour. There were no bulging eyes, gesticulating arms, or trash talk, just two fighters going through the formalities.

Things got particularly odd when it came to the photo call. If it was pro wrestling, it would have been described as breaking kayfabe as the fighters acted in a way that showed the ‘beef’ between them may be overplayed..

The two stared down towards the central photographers, before Mayweather turned to address a member of the audience who was making a ruckus. The five-weight boxing champion said “listen, if you want to be in here, carry yourself in an orderly fashion.”

A smiling McGregor backed him up, adding “Tell him to leave, get them out of here, do what you’re told.”

Mayweather then, almost warmly, put his hand on McGregor’s back as they resumed the photos, with ‘The Notorious’ taking a split second glance downwards in surprise.

The Crumlin man would then jokingly move into a martial arts pose, saying “this is Bruce Lee shit,” and eliciting giggles from the media.

McGregor also seemed to give Mayweather a martial arts-style bow as they turned and faced each other after the photo call.

It was all very polite and business-like, but it promises to get a bit more heated at tomorrow’s weigh-in, which is open to the public.

Watch the Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor final press conference face-off below:

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