Walsh wants a crack at hero Mayweather in the Dog House

Dee ‘Waldo’ Walsh is hoping to hit the jackpot when he goes to Las Vegas for a holiday.

The Irish light middleweight champion hasn’t got hitting three sevens on the slot machines in mind rather is hoping to get into the sparring ring with his fight idol Floyd Mayweather.

Walsh, who has an October 17 Dinner Show clash in Belfast, already has sparring lined up in Maywaether’s Gym and the fancied slick prospect won’t be spending all his time on the strip.

Speaking to Andy Waters in the Irish News’ Seconds Out segment the 25 year old said,

“I was going over to Vegas for a holiday, but I thought that while I’m over there I might as well have a crack at it.”

“I’ve seen ‘the Doghouse’ where they just fight until one man stops. People would probably think ‘that’s crazy – why would you want to do that?’ but I’d love to test myself like that against some of the best in the world.

“ I have Jeff Mayweather following me on Twitter and I got in touch with him last week and said I was going to be in Vegas and would it be ok if I did some sparring. He said sparring wouldn’t be a problem.”

“ It’ll be about a week before Mayweather fights (Andre Berto on September 12) and I’ve heard he has sparred with people that I would consider myself better than, so it would be a brilliant experience and a dream come true to spar Floyd Mayweather.

“I’ll go over there on my weight and train and talk things over on the first day and then on the second day I plan on sparring. It’ll be an amazing experience and if I go over on my weight I can’t see why they wouldn’t spar.”


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