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VIDEO: The greatest fight the Stadium has ever seen?

FRANCIE Maughan and Gavin Brown are anything but household names. They might even be unknown to the most hardened boxing fan, but the mention of both will generate massive excitement among some fight followers.

In the 1998 Junior Bantamweight final the pair went to war and according to National Stadium folklore competed in what those who witnessed it labeled ‘the greatest fight’ the famous venue has ever played host to.

CIE’s Maughan lost a 190-191 count back decision to Crumlin’s Brown in a high octane crowd pleasing affair. Stadium regulars and boxing insiders claim both had talent to achieve a lot in the game, but both drifted away from the fight game.

However, they can always boast the honour of competing in one of the most memorable National Stadium fights.

Watch full fight below:


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