Vera planes to ruin Lee’s career

By Jonny Stapleton

BYRAN Vera is adamant he will ruin Andy Lee’s career in spectacular fashion this Saturday night by emulating the stoppage win he recorded over the Limerick man back in 2008.

The tough Texan fighter knocked Lee off the title path with a shock victory when the pair first meet three years ago, only for Lee to recover, win 11 successive fights and work his way back to the top of the middleweight rankings.

However, Vera claims he will prove his reverse over the Irish Olympian was no fluke and believes he will once again derail the Kronk fighters world title plans in  Caesars Atlantic City this weekend.

The tough and rouged battler claims the only difference between Vera/Lee I and Vera/Lee II will be the manner in which he achieves victory.

“The fight is going to play out the same way, the only difference is that I am going to look better and more skilled doing it. I am tougher and stronger than him. I proved that in our first fight and I have proved it since. I will knock him out and derail his plans for the second time in his career,” explained Vera.

“Winning is a paramount in this game, but not only do I want to win in this fight, I want to win it in spectacular fashion, and stopping him is a way to accomplish that. This is going to be an exciting fight. Fights like these are good for boxing and good for the fans.”

Vera and Lee’s suffered different fates after their by now infamous first meeting. The former Contender contestant  failed to build on his biggest win and lost his next three fights. However he was always able to lay claim to being the only fighter to beat the Limerick man Steward and Lou DiBella where hailing as a future world champ.

As a result he was still able to get big named fights. The Mick Delaware trained pug managed to secure a bout with Segio Mora, defeated the highly regarded pro and has since swapped his journey man tag for potential contender status.

The 29 year old is now motivated by the knowledge a second Lee victory could propel him into the world top 10.

“I am feeling great going into this fight. I have a good team around me now and I am very motivated to get this job done and look good doing it. Then I can get big fights even a world title fight. This is my chance to earn a big fight.”

Lee has nothing to gain and everything to loose by looking for Vera redemption. Setting the record straight and revenge were the sole motivation behind him taking the risky bout and his opponent on Saturday night respects the Irish middleweight’s decision to get it on.

“Andy didn’t need to take this fight. I commend him for doing so. I know he looked for it and he has been saying he wanted it for three years. I respect that. It will be a competitive fight and I am going to bring it every round.”

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