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Tyrone McKenna predicts Lewis Crocker will QUIT

‘No Más’, that’s the only thing a more vocal than normal Lewis Crocker will say on Saturday night insists Tyrone McKenna.

The Mighty Celt says he will make the welterweight prospect quit in the massively anticipated Conlan-Gill chief support at the SSE Arena.

The 33-year-old has taken exception to the fact some are backing the Billy Nelson-trained fighter to stop him in their Battle of Belfast.

The Whiskey and White podcast host does agree the fight won’t go the distance but argues that it will be him who is doing the stopping.

The Belfast entertainer says he will frustrate and wear down the power puncher, forcing him to look for a way out.

“I think he is going to ‘No Mas’. Come round seven he will quit. He is going to say ‘f*ck, I didn’t expect him to be this active, this in my face. I’ve hit him with my hardest shots and he is still here and still coming forward’. He is going to be disheartened and he’ll say ‘no más I’ve had enough,” McKenna tells Irish-boxing.com.

McKenna has always been confident of victory, although he has only begun to predict a stoppage during fight week.

The former Oliver Plunkett amateur’s increased confidence comes from his opponent’s behaviour in fight week. The 33-year-old believes Crocker is nervous, struggling with the level of interest in the fight and showing signs of wilting under the spotlight.

“It was out of character for him. He is feeling a lot of pressure and it’s coming out in nervous energy,” he says of the head-to-head antics at the public workout.

Belfast, UK – December 1: Tyrone McKenna and Lewis Crocker Weigh In ahead of their WBA Continental Europe Welterweight Title fight tomorrow night. 1 December 2023 Picture By Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

“That’s not how he acts, he’s feeling the pressure of fight week and he is screaming in my face like an 11-year-old girl. He is obviously worked up, he’s feeling the pressure and he’s a lot of nervous energy to get rid of,” he adds before doing his best Dr Phil impression.

“All he is feeling inside he is deflecting on me, ‘you’re nervous’, ‘you’re sh*tting yourself’, that’s how he feels inside and he is deflecting on me. I took a lot from that, I know this man is ‘sh*tting himself’.”

McKenna also laughed at suggestions he is the one nervous and pointed to his CV as proof he has nothing to fear.

“How can I be worried I fought a unified world champion in Regis Prograis, a guy who fought for all the belts in Jack Catterall? Scared of his power? I’ve been in there with someone with 30 knockouts from 35 fights in Jose Felix, a huge puncher.

“I have a different-level chin. He has different-level power against journeymen.

“Who has he fought to warrant this kind of hype? Even amateur, what has he done? He’s unknown, average until he proves otherwise.”


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