Top 7 UFC Fighters Of All Time

UFC Fight Night is never a dull affair. The Ultimate Fighting Championship put MMA on the map, and has since showcased some of the world’s best fighters of all time.

After all, MMA is a combat sport, combining various fighting styles, disciplines, and strategies. It’s brutal, unrelenting, and highly entertaining.

So with that in mind, we thought we’d run through the top 7 UFC fighters of all time, based on their career records, belts, awards, title defenses, and overall influence on MMA.

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Jon Jones

Career record: 27-1-0, 1 NC

Weight class: Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight

Jon “Bones” Jones is widely considered one of the best UFC fighters ever. He holds the record for most successful light heavyweight title defenses in UFC history (11), and his only loss was due to disqualification!

Jones began his professional MMA career in 2008 and quickly made a name for himself for his formidable striking, grappling, and wrestling skills. His fight with Vitor Belfort in 2012, UFC 152, is a career highlight that has gone down as one of the most memorable UFC fight nights of all time.

Georges St-Pierre

Career record: 26-2-0

Weight class: Welterweight, Middleweight

Georges “Rush” St-Pierre is arguably the greatest welterweight champion of all time. He began his MMA career in 2002, and was known for his athleticism, technical ability, and versatility. 

Georges St-Pierre won his first UFC welterweight championship in 2006 and went on to defend his title a record-breaking nine times! He was also known for his sportsmanship, plus his ambassadorship and advocacy, which has led to St-Pierre becoming just as much a role model as a fighter.

Anderson Silva

Career record: 34-11-0, 1 NC

Weight class: Middleweight, Light Heavyweight

Anderson “The Spider” Silva is known for his records that include 16 consecutive wins and 10 consecutive title defenses. He was a “flashy” Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, known for his superb versatility and ability to overwhelm opponents and get out of tight spots.

Anderson Silva’s UFC lasted from 2006 to 2020, during which he won his weight division and defended it a total of 10 times, beating some of the world’s best fighters in the process, including Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson, and Chael Sonnen.

His retirement was a sad moment for his fans, but he left behind a legacy as one of the greatest UFC fighters ever.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Career record: 29-0

Weight class: Lightweight, Welterweight

Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov is widely regarded as one of the greatest lightweights of all time, known for his dominant grappling skills and strong abilities on the ground. He is also the only UFC fighter on this list who’s unbeaten!

Eight of his 29 wins were knockouts, with one notable fight (and rivalry) against Conor McGregor – the most popular UFC fighter in history. After retiring in 2020, Khabib Nurmagomedov was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2022.

Demetrious Johnson

Career record: 31-4-1

Weight class: Bantamweight, Flyweight

Demetrious “Mighty” Mouse Johnson was the first flyweight champion in UFC history – a title he defended 11 times. He is widely considered the greatest flyweight UFC fighter of all time, known for his strategical technique and impressive speed.

Demetrious Johnson began his professional MMA career in 2007 and joined the UFC just three years later in 2010. He soon became one of the most formidable fighters in UFC of his time, beating many top fighters in his weight class such as Joseph Benavidez, Henry Cejudo, and John Dodson.

Daniel Cormier

Career record: 22-3-0, 1 NC

Weight class: Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight

Daniel “DC” Cormier is best known for being a two-division UFC champion, winning both the heavyweight and light heavyweight titles! He was a formidable fighter due to his wrestling and striking abilities, also known for his charisma outside the octagon.

Daniel Cormier began his professional MMA career in 2009 before competing in the UFC in 2013 across two divisions. On top of that, he defended his two titles four times. After retiring, Daniel Cormier became a commentator and analyst for the sport, continuing his influence on the UFC. 

Stipe Miocic

Career record: 20-4-0

Weight class: Heavyweight

Stipe Miocic began his athletic career as a wrestler before transitioning to MMA. He had his debut MMA fight in 2020, then made his first UFC appearance in 2011. He won the heavyweight championship in 2016 and defended it four times!

Stipe Miocic is known for his strong grappling and powerful striking abilities. Some of his most memorable wins include Daniel Cormier, Francis Ngannou, and Junior dos Santos. He remains a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight class, despite already being hailed as one of the best heavyweight UFC fighters of all time!


That wraps up our list of the top 7 UFC fighters of all time, based on their career records, belts, awards, title defenses, and overall influence on MMA. Some of these fighters are still at the height of their careers, so make sure to catch their next fight!


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