Top 5 YouTube channels about boxing

Are you a fan of boxing? Then you’ve probably already seen boxing fights on television or in person. Maybe you’ve even taken up what many call the ‘noble art’. Boxing can also be a lucrative occupation. Just use your knowledge and luck at fruity slots gamstop and you might even get a nice win.

If you’re just getting acquainted with the world of boxing and want to get in the ring to fight as well as the professionals, the best way to improve your technique is to watch some videos from famous boxing video bloggers. However, we know that boxing lessons just aren’t possible for some people – whether it’s the high cost or the inability to attend live training. You also have to consider some of the health risks associated with boxing in the ring.

Start improving your technique and enrich your boxing knowledge with videos on YouTube! Here’s a small selection of the best YouTube channels for boxing online.

5. The Art and Science of Boxing by Wiley

This channel has a very successful approach to analysing boxers and boxing fights, both old and modern, from Benny Leonard to Canelo, from Sugar Ray Leonard to Vasyl Lomachenko.

Lee Wylie uses a video feed with neat graphics and short narratives to make insightful and astute observations on the styles and tactics presented on the show.

4. World Boxing with Tom Yankello

Part blog, part video tutorials can be used effectively for full home training. Tom is a very intelligent and fairly experienced boxer. He trains boxers from the ground up, managing amateur teams all the way up to elite level professionals.

Tom has a great pitch and is an advocate of keeping the message clear and precise, offering really detailed explanations and demonstrations of skills, tactics and techniques.

The channel covers the following topics:

1. A simple one legged tekdown in MMA;
2. Thai boxing training;
3. 10 bad habits in working with a punching bag.

If you’re more interested in learning punches and techniques, be sure to check out

Tom Yankello’s boxing channel. There are dozens of videos from 5 to 20 minutes long that will easily replace your personal boxing coach.

3. Trainer Anthony’s Channel

Although this channel isn’t just about boxing, it proves that you don’t need heavy bags, gyms or gloves to start practising your boxing skills! Put on your boxing gloves and start training right from home. Equipment doesn’t matter either, as there are exercises on the channel even without special sports equipment. I really like Anthony’s trainer. Like Tom, he has a lot of experience and, like most of us, the coaches are very passionate about his performances and explanations.

He has a confidence that can only be gained through regular work with lots of different types of boxers. Top guy.

2. Andy Wake: Boxing Exercises

Andy is a master of short boxing videos. He has a rich history not only in the sport, but also in athletics. He has coached Olympic athletes and is a true sports geek, making the often complex scientific concepts really simple and straightforward for a wide audience of his viewers.

From nutrition, technical solutions, clever boxing training and improving hand punches to injury prevention. A very useful resource for any boxing coach and athlete. One example of a workout you can find is a 20 minute high intensity session with a heavy bag, designed for those who want to improve their fitness and boxing technique.

1. Alexey Frolov Boxing School

Alexey Frolov is a true professor of boxing. Even renowned athletes have a genuine passion and admiration for the old Soviet system of amateur boxing. Frolov’s lessons have led to amazing successes for Cubans, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Kazakhs … the list goes on.

Alexei’s videos are authentic, sincere and memorable. We often watch him training with his boxing teams, which fascinates and inspires me. He is an elite level coach and has rightly earned the title of a legend of the sport, who provides amazing advice for comprehensive boxing training. Alexey Frolov has a gentle presentation, great patience and brilliant communication with his boxers. A truly unsurpassed master of his craft.

We hope that our tips will help you in choosing a channel to improve your boxing technique. Don’t forget that only hard training and self-discipline will help you reach your true goal!


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