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Top 5 Early Favorites for UFC 2020 Tournament


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Before betting on a match, have you ever wondered if your choice has a high chance of winning? You can stop second-guessing your decisions with the help of experts having accumulated data from numerous sources and arranging it into one simple list for you to know who people are betting on. 

Through the internet, you can easily look for the fight you want to bet on and observe what direction bettors are favorably inclining. You can also see the percentage of bettors picking a specific contender, and you will likewise see the best wagering line for every player. Remember, to be closer to winning a bet, it is best to look over who the experts recommend.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

The world’s largest mixed martial arts (MMA) organization is the UFC. This Championship has best-of-the-best fighters from international and local whereabouts who uses different martial arts disciplines and styles.

A regular UFC match has three rounds for five minutes each. However, title fights are prolonged to five rounds for five minutes each. A referee can stop a fight once a fighter submits through a tap out, the opponent can no longer intelligently defend himself, or when a fighter is KOed.

UFC Top Picks

To succeed in predicting UFC outcomes, the bettor needs to start and finish with finding the victors. When you do that, you can expand your chances by betting on what strategy or what round the fighter will have the best chances of winning.

Charles Jourdain

Charles Jourdain has a 10-2 record and has triumphed 70% of his matches by knockout. Jourdain, in his last six matches, has won five. Jourdain has an average of 4.85 noteworthy hits every minute, with a precision level of 43%. Jourdain has an average of zero takedowns with an accuracy level of 0%.

Jourdain is the type of fighter who likes to use combinations. Although his fighting style is erratic, he has impressive cardio and has a consistent dominant fight performance for three rounds. Jourdain, through two UFC rounds, hasn’t fought much on the ground. Nevertheless, his wrestling style isn’t awful based on his past battles. His athletic capacity should also help him win the upcoming fights.

Jessica Eye 

Jessica Eye has a 15-7 record and has triumphed 73 percent of her matches through a unanimous decision. As of her last five competitions, she has won four matches. Eye has an average of 3.79 massive hits every minute, with a precision level of 38%. She has an average of 0.46 takedowns with an accuracy level of 45%.

Jessica Eye is chiefly known for her aggressiveness and striking, as she’s regularly a quick starter and can be somewhat sloppy on occasion because of the number of hits she throws. Eye usually doesn’t do anything astounding, and her ground fight is flawed. However, she’s mostly a tough and aggressive player who never turns down a fight.

Mark De La Rosa

De La Rosa has an 11-4 record and is triumphant in 55% of his matches through tap outs. He has an average of 3.28 noteworthy hits every minute, with a precision level of 36%. De La Rosa also has an average of 0.66 takedowns with an accuracy level of 15%. 

De La Rosa is a characteristic fighter with incredible head movement, hand speed, and footwork. He also delivered a knockout triumph in his fourth professional MMA match.

Marvin Vettori 

Marvin Vettori has a 14-4-1 record and has triumphed 57% of his matches through tap outs. He has an average of 4.05 critical hits every minute, with a precision level of 41%. Vettori also has an average of 1.43 takedowns with an accuracy level of 45%.

Vettori is exceptionally talented on his feet, where he chucks combinations of violent hits. Nevertheless, he’s a skilled fighter despite his size and regularly throws knees unexpectedly, which can be seen in the fight against Omari Akhmedov. Vettori is also excellent even when in a bind and has great tussle skills, which helps him survive in the ring. Vettori’s last three taps out wins were done using the guillotine choke.

Merab Dvalishvili

Merab Dvalishvili has a 10-4 record and is triumphant in 70% of his matches through the judge’s decision. Dvalishvili has an average of 3.84 critical hits every minute, with a precision level of 37%. He also has an average of 7.80 takedowns with an accuracy level of 45%.

Dvalishvili began his career in fighting with a record in wrestling, and he also mixed in Judo and Sambo along the way. He shows skilled boxing techniques, and he’s an extremely athletic player who makes use of leg kicks and can be unpredictable on his feet while flinging a solid overhand. Dvalishvili is generally known for his takedown and wrestling abilities, and he turns into a point player on the ring where he wears down his opponent.


When wagering in UFC fights, a few bettors like to see who the majority is favoring and wager against the top picks. Other bettors like to search for the best wagering statistics and support an expert favorite. It is a given that information is the secret to the success of any pro sports bettor. Always begin your player selection by looking over the primary data and also the comprehensive player statistics of the expert favorites to make a  winning bet.


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