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Thomas Carty Taking His Time Over Big American and UK Promotional Offers

Thomas Carty [1-0] has offers from big-time American and British promoters on his table at present but is in no major rush to sign one.

The Dublin heavyweight turned over earlier this year with Murphys Boxing and Pascal Collins and debuted in Belgium in May.

However, there may be another promotional twist and quite a big one. Irish-boxing.com understands some of the biggest promoters in the business have expressed interest and when pushed on it the 25-year-old revealed another promotional option may be explored.

“I’m no fool I know where I’m at at the moment and I also I know I’ve the potential is there as well. 

“It depends where I choose the campaign. At the moment I’m still weighing up my options between the UK and America, there’s loads of offers a couple from the UK and a couple from America. I’m signed to Murphys at the moment, Murphys are pretty ok with co-promoting. It depends what way I wanna go about it ye know, it can be a very lucrative deal down the road. Murphys know that and Pascal knows that,” he told Irish-boxing.com.

The Cetlic Warrior Gym fighter revealed as profit isn’t the be-all and end-all at this stage of his career, he can take his time over offers and pick the ones that fit best. 

The Pascal Collins trained fighter also suggests that long-term outlook will pay dividends come step up time.

“This isn’t a short game for me. I’m not in it to make as much money as soon as possible. Because of the route I’ve chosen I’ve left offers on the table.

“I could have made a lot of money already. but I’m picking the clean slow route. I wanna’ take it nice and easy.

“It’s like an apprenticeship you need to serve your time, you need to be in these camps, you need to have a good few fights under your belt before you take these fights against the big names.

“When I take these chances I don’t wanna be underprepared I wanna’ say that was the best me I could’ve been you know. So I’m taking it slow and steady and I wanna step up every year until I get to that level. ” 

Although he is preaching patience Carty does believe he could mix it with some high-level heavys and has a relatively early step time frame.

“I wanna have six fights under my belt and go on and take on a name. I think I could fight a decent name, I’m not gonna start calling out names, but I think I could fight a few of the lads in England already. But I’m not taking that chance yet, at least four or five fights and then ready to take on whoever then now not the top lads ye know I mean European level step it up then to fringe world level and then you have world level.”