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Carl Froch vs. George Groves is just the tip of the 2014 fighting iceberg.

Carl Froch vs. George Groves is just the tip of the 2014 fighting iceberg.

This year has seen Jay Z have 99 problems with Solange Knowles certainly being one of them. His sister-in-law opened the proverbial can and unleashed on Beyonce’s husband in a New York elevator.

As for Kanye West and T.I., they both like to try their hand at scrapping, Kanye almost exclusively with paparazzi while T.I. took it upon himself to try and fight professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, in the end the two just hurled tables at each other.

There’s a lot of things people call politicians but battle-hardened is certainly not one of them. This year we have seen Nigel Farage on the receiving end of an egging, Jordanian and Indian TV shows descend into violence due to differing ideologies, while in no-nonsense Ukraine their MPs just casually started fighting in Parliament.

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew probably became the first football coach to get sent off for headbutting while Kieron Pollard may be the first cricketer to fashion a spear out of his cricket bat.

A bride and bridesmaid had a fight on a plane, Shia LaBeouf lost his head for the umpteenth time and the Real Housewives of Atlanta again treated us to TV gold.

So on May 31 which boxer will be able to channel the spirit of Solange? Whoever does will surely win.


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