Thomas Carty Suggests Interesting Twitter Troll Solution

Over-the-top Twitter critics should be made do some rounds with the fighters they are trolling according to Thomas Carty.

The Dublin heavyweight isn’t a fan of social media neigh sayers or keyboard warriors and thinks they should be made back up their words in the ring with the fighters they are questioning or abusing, or at least have to share their opinions face to face.

“If put an opinion like that on Twitter you should be made come to a venue and back it up against the person you’ve made the comment against. Would they turn up? No, they wouldn’t,” he tells

“I can see a TV show there, Twitter Trolls.”

Carty was talking half in jest when it comes to laymen fighting pro boxers but was serious about his disdain for harsh or vile social media critics.

The Dillian Whyte managed fighter has taken particular umbrage with those who have questioned former unified heavyweight world champion, Anthony Joshua, after his defeat to Oleksandr Usyk.

The Pascal Collins trained southpaw, who helped the English fighter prepare for both his bouts with the Ukrainian, can’t understand how Joshua’s credentials can be questioned.

A passionate Carty points out that the fact Joshua was a world champion is proof of his class and argues defeat to an elite-level operator shouldn’t tarnish his reputation.

“People say ‘hype train’ this and stuff about Joshua. They don’t know anything about boxing,” he said prior to the most recent Usyk win over the Brit.

“I see a lot of it online, people say Joshua has no heart. Any boxer that steps in the ring has heart. It’s very easy for people on social media to say ‘his head’s not in it anymore’ or he ‘doesn’t have the heart’ or ‘he doesn’t have that killer instinct’. People don’t know what they are talking about.

“Boxing is not easy. If you’re not up to it, it’s very hard to make that walk to the ring, it’s very hard to do the training,” he adds before making a football analogy to expand on his point.

“People don’t realise this is Champions League boxing, if someone loses a Champions League final are they shit? No, so why in boxing if someone loses in a world title fight why do people jump on the bandwagon and call that fighter shit, it’s outrageous.”


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