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‘There aren’t many stories like that’ – Osin Treacy delights in debuting beside childhood friend

Oisin Treacy believes Bray could be a huge theme in his and Matthew Tyndall’s unique boxing story.

The Wicklow duo’s first-ever ring experience was against each other as seven-year-olds, last Friday they made their pro debut on the same bill after sharing camp together, and with the help of his cousin Eddie Treacy, the new to-the-scene pro believes they could be tge first to bring boxing to their hometown.

The JB Promotions light middleweight was delighted with how Bray came out for his debut at the Red Cow and suggests one day they won’t have to travel as far to watch him fight in person.

“I think so If you see the crowd that Eddie brings and you see the crowd Matthew and I bring it’s unbelievable,” he told Irish-boxing.com when asked about the possibility of fighting in his hometown.

“That’s the whole of Bray out there supporting me and Matthew. I could hear them from the dressing room.”

While the former Kickboxer loved the crowd and what they brought to the Warehouse Arena, he did point out he has to be wary of tapping into that atmosphere too much.

“Walking out to that crowd hit me in the face a little before I got in the ring,” he commented after his debut war.

"You have to learn to roll with that. It does get to and wear you down a bit without you noticing. I usually box nice and long but that was what had to be done tonight."

The younger cousin of much-loved nonsense pro Eddie 'The Honeybadger' Treacy, lived up to the family name and delivered entertainment on his first pro bout.

He admitted after, that he will look to entertain in a different manner in future fights. Speaking after a real baptism of fire against a fighter who came to the ring undefeated, he said: "It was a tough one for a debut but we got it done and I'm delighted to get the win.

"That's not the way I usually fight. I could have listened to my corner more. I usually pick my shots a bit more. He had the knockout wins and that bit of experience."

Treacy also revealed debuting alongside close friend Tyndall made things all the better and it seems there could be a real team element to their journey's in the individual sport.

"We started together we had our first fight against each other when we were six or seven. We did it all together, obviously, he went and achieved what he achieved in boxing and I went kickboxing and its good to be back together. To start boxing with someone and then to make your debut together I don't think there are many stories like that.

"It's great to have someone you are very close to doing the same thing because you can share everything with each other, how you're feeling, what your nerves like, how's your weight. I've had it with Eddie [Treacy]. If I was cutting weight for an amateur fight I would cut weight with me, so I've always had a great team around me."


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