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The Official Frampton versus Leo Santa Cruz Judges Scorecards

It may go down as the greatest win in Irish boxing history. Carl Frampton travels to America to take on a three weight World champion in his first fight at featherweight and emerges a two weight world champ.

‘The Jackal’ showed he was an underdog that packs a bite, defied the odds, became two weight world champion, secured his legacy and set himself up for some more massive fight nights.┬á

The new WBA featherweight World champion acquired the belt by winning an all action tense clash on points.

So close was the fight that Frampton supporters waited anxiously for Jimmy Lennon Jr to reveal the score cards after 12 hard fought rounds.

The fact no one argued when 114-114 was read out first shows how tight an affair it was, when that was followed by 116-112 and 117-111 sleepy eyebrows across this side of the Atlantic began  raise.

It was wider than most unofficial twitter judges, but the history books will show a Frampton win and that is all that counts.

Hoewever, for those worried about the now and not history and those interested in seeing how each judge scored each round you can look below:

Officail score cards frampton



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