The most expensive fights in the history of boxing

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The Boxing Kingdom of Excitement

The spectacle that gathers millions of viewers at the screens in anticipation of the fight is only the most modest description of boxing. The famous halls of MGM Grand Garden Arena or Madison Square Garden literally fall silent for a moment before the start of the confrontation. The most vivid memories are captured only in the memory of fans and fighters. So today, we will try to remind you of the most expensive fights in the history of boxing.

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Golden Age of Boxing

More than one generation of eminent athletes has been replaced on the Olympus, and champions have settled forever in the Hall of Fame. Every rising star strives to reach these heights and looks up to the legendary athletes: Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Mike Tyson. They had to step over themselves and do the impossible on the way to victory. Nevertheless, the champion character made it possible to achieve peaks in his career and remain in the memory of millions of fans.

A brief biography of Sugar Ray Robinson

DescriptionYear of receipt
Daily News Golden Gloves featherweight title1939
Entered the professional division1940
The winning streak of 125 amateur and 40 professional fights ended in a duel with Jacob LaMotta1943
Became welterweight champion by defeating Tommy Bell1946
  • Sugar Ray has held the championship belt for 5 years in a row
  • In amateur fights, he won about 70 knockout wins out of 90 bouts
  • During his 25-year career, the boxer had 201 fights, of which he won 174 fights

The current promotion of boxing matches creates a whole show. Even before the meeting, opponents show character, make statements, and in every possible way, incite each other. Such events have long been a hallmark of this sport. Substantial fees emphasize the event’s status (, and the media literally heat the nerves of athletes and spectators to the limit. Let’s remember the most expensive boxing matches together.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Saul Alvarez

The meeting of the absolute world champion outside the weight category was forever marked by a holiday for boxing fans. The elusive Mayweather, as if mocking the opponent, eludes the blows every time. The undoubted talent of the fighter was highly appreciated in the literal sense. Before leaving with Alvarez in 2013, the organizers announced the amount of the agreement in the amount of $ 150 million. At that time, the fight became the most expensive event in history. Floyd received 41 million for entering the ring under the terms of the contract.

Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield

Iron Mike burst into the world of boxing like a locomotive, sweeping away rivals in his path. His assertiveness and daring disposition riveted the eyes of the fans, and his skill was excellent. In 1997, the long-awaited duel between two heavyweights, Tyson and Holyfield, took place. In addition to the scandalous story, this fight was supposed to finally dot all the points and point to the King of the Hill. The “battle” was a grand event, even though he was not destined to end with the final victory of one of the rivals.

The estimated total amount of the meeting was more than 100 million, which was an outstanding result. Boxers could spend only 3 rounds in the ring before Tyson grabbed the tip of the opponent’s ear with his teeth and gnawed it off. The fight ended ahead of schedule, and the culprit was fined $3 million. As a result of the confrontation, Mike and Evander received 30 and 33 million, respectively.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao

The most expensive fight, referred to as the Fight of the Century, was estimated at $300,000,000. Longtime rivals have already postponed the meeting several times. The undefeated Floyd Mayweather was finally to face the Filipino champion for the title of undisputed world champion.

Pacquiao’s age showed itself in a grueling 12 rounds. In the final, the judges unanimously gave the victory to the American, who left the sport as the most expensive athlete. The spectacle of the battle was second only to the solid payouts of the fighters. As a result of the sale, PPV Mayweather earned about 180, against 120 million for Manny Pacquiao.

Coming out of professional boxing, Mayweather again agreed to a commercial confrontation with UFC star Conor McGregor. For those who know a little about sports, the victory of the Americans was obvious since the meeting was held according to the rules of boxing. Long before the fight, a fighter without restrictions warmed up the fans with harsh statements. The result was not long in coming; in August 2017, Floyd Mayweather won a landslide victory and left the ring with £223.5 million.

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