The Most Demanded Professions for the Next Decade

Demand for professions come and go. In the industrial revolution, engineers and miners were the most needed people. There was a time when nurses were in demand. Then, there was a huge requirement for software engineers in Silicon Valley in the late 1990s.

What types of professions will be in demand in the next decade? Read on, and we will share with you our forecast about the best jobs that will be in high demand for the next ten years.

Software Engineer

Let us get this elephant out of the room first. It is true that there are many software engineers now. However, there will never be enough. This profession is still going to be as hot as a pancake in the years to come.

Why is that? Because people now live in the bubble of the internet. Almost all companies want to produce products that are “smart.” People also have an insatiable demand for software used for work or entertainment, like the Reactoonz demo play.

There are many fields that you can specialize in, like gaming, electronic software, hardware and software synchronization, device software, and so much more. There are also dozens of computer languages that you can learn.

Healthcare Professionals 

The pandemic brought the world to its knees. More importantly, we realized that we lack healthcare professionals. Nurses and doctors are the two types of professions that you want to take, as these are the two most important positions in the operation of a hospital.

If you do not want to be a nurse or a doctor, your other option is physical therapy. There are many illnesses today where the patient has to be rehabilitated. People are also smarter now. They make good choices about what they eat. They invest, and they have money as they live through their golden years.

As such, you can work as a therapist for people who are already ageing. You could also work as a private healthcare worker, or start your own practice. If you decide on this, then you may want to learn benefits of outsourcing medical billing that can help streamline your daily operations. 


Anyone who has something to do with art is a person called “creative.” Today, there is no limit to what you could do. Before the dawn of the internet, you could only have this profession if you made it through a media company.

Today, it is fair game. There are millions of blogs and YouTube channels, all of which need a creative person to do the marketing, graphic arts and so much more.

Here are some examples of what you could do:

  • Static graphic arts – this is a kind of digital artwork where you produce drawings or images. Another example is logos. You need some serious Photoshop skills to succeed at this. If you are just starting out, you can also use free software like Inkscape or GIMP.
  • CGI – this means a computer-generated imagery. With CGI, your job is to create animations that look real. If you have seen movies like the Avengers, most of the action that happened in that movie was based on CGI. You do not have to make it in Hollywood to be a professional in CGI. You can put up your own studio and work with YouTubers and bloggers, or you can apply as a CGI expert in game development companies.  
  • Copywriting – this is a writing skill where you create a narrative for marketing. Your job is to convince the reader to make a purchase. As a copywriter, your main goal is to spin words together to improve the popularity of the brand. This involves writing taglines, slogans, and even long articles that will put your client before the internet users’ eyes.
  • Game and Web Design – game development and web design may not be the same thing, but they share similarities. Here, you are basically the architect of how a game or a website looks like. Your job also includes designing apps like the Vegas casino online.

There are many kinds of creative jobs that you can take. All you have to think about is what kind of work you really enjoy. Being a creative person can be exhausting, so make sure you do what you really love doing.

Marketing and Sales

The last on our list is marketing and sales. No, we are not talking about person-to-person selling, but rather the ability to produce marketing materials that will improve the revenue of a company.

One good example of this is a Facebook marketer. It is your duty to work with graphic artists and produce an ad. More importantly, your end-goal is to ensure that the ads reach the right people and that they buy the product.

This is not an easy thing to do. You must have good analytical and marketing skills. The company will let you decide how you want to spend your ad budget, but you have to ensure that your actions yield a good return on the company’s investment.

Do not limit yourself to advertising on Facebook. You must also know the facets of other advertising platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Google, and many more.


So, what is your choice?

The next decade is going to be exciting. As early as now, you might as well make a choice so you can prepare for it. If you are undecided, you can start dabbling with all these things while it is still early. There are many YouTube channels that you can watch to get you started, and then you can just major in one thing later on.


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