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The Irish-Boxing Mailbox – have your say!

Mailbox 1 – Jan 25 2016

Boxing is a passion not a fashion! The forum is dead, long live the Mailbox.

Over the last week we have asked our readers to get more involved with Irish boxing’s biggest and best site.

In a bid to get your views on all things boxing, and to provide more fight enthusiasts with a platform to voice opinions, we have decided to publish a weekly Mailbox section.

We are not sure if it’s just early enthusiasm, but we received an abundance of contributions since we advertised the launch of the weekly feature. It would be impossible to publish them all, and a small number contained comments we couldn’t put on the website, but we have selected a number which we think will spark debate.

We are shooting the gun a little early for the first installment, but we will publish the feature every Wednesday from next week on. We will have any easier way to submit a contribution as the piece progresses, but for now if you have anything to get off your chest or want to respond to any of the comments below just mail us at editorIrishboxing@gmail.com and we will get it up.

Looking forward to your participation!

Fail To Prepare Prepare To Fail

Dear Sir,

Ireland look assured of winning a couple of medals at the Olympics
this summer. Might I suggest the IABA actually make an effort this
time to organise suitable homecoming events in Belfast and Dublin?

Cormac Mac Cathmhaoil, An Dun

Who Is Ireland’s next Number one?

I was wondering who people think Ireland’s #1 prospect is. For me it has to be Ryan Burnett. He’s only a Bantamweight and in his 3rd fight he KOd the lad that super-feather Deco Geraghty went the distance with in his most recent fight and who Pajo Hyland, a feather, fights next. Future World champ!

Chris,  Belfast

No Home Comforts For Frampton

Starting to get more and more nervous the closer Frampton-Quigg gets. We all know Frampton is better but I just get the feeling that Hearn will have him out of his comfort zone and have the deck stacked against him on the night. Hope I’m wrong!

John, Belfast

Ireland’s Best

I love the idea of giving the fans a voice, well done lads.

I made a list of who is the best irish boxer at each weight would be interested to hear others suggestions.

Heavy – Fury
Cruiser – McCarthy
L Heavy – Monaghan
S Middle – McDonagh
Middle – Lee
L Middle – Pauly Upton
Welter – Gavin
L Welter – Sutcliffe
Light – Ormond
S Feather – Cacace
Feather – Pajo
S Bantam – Frampton
Bantam – Burnett
S Fly – Conlan
Fly – Wilton

Kev,  Birmingham

Make Irish title mandatory’s mandatory
I read your article recently about Darren Cruise wanting to fight for the Irish title, but finding it hard as current JJ McDonagh has other ideas.
I seen suggestions that there should be a mandatory system put in place so the titles don’t get held up. McDonagh hasn’t defended it since he won the title in 2012.
That just seems madness to me. Surely the BUI can put a system in place where the title is active. All Irish fights are too few and far between at the very least it will encourage Irish fighters to fight each other and ensure fighters are active and fans get to see some domestic dust ups.
Put in place a mandatory system if the champion doesn’t want to fight the mandatory then let him vacate and two other fighters can fight for it.
It would mean a busier scene and more prospects getting an opportunity to make a name for themselves. We hear talk that Irish fights are hard to make via the risk versus reward, but this would probably expose those hiding and force their hand a bit?
Can anyone tell me if there is a reason why there is no mandatory set up? Am I right is thinking a more fought for Irish title would prove a massive boost to Irish-boxing.
Jake- Galway
Get Ready To Cry
Quigg is going to destroy Frampton the only mail you should pay attention too!!!
Mark, Quiggsville 
Doubting Thomas
Frampton knock out Quigg easy, that’s how I see’s it!
Now here is the thing. I thought Lee would have way too much for Saunders. I thought O’Sullivan would stop Chris Eubank Jr. I was even confident Eamonn O’Kane would be too strong for John Ryder. To me Luke Keeler was a cert to win Prizefighter and so on..
Do we as fight fans here- or maybe it’s just me- have too much confidence in our fighters. Are we the Sky Sports of Irish boxing in the way we hype are own?
Do we think our punchers are better than they are? Thank god amateurs deliver all the time and allow us to gloat!
Now I am worried my confidence in King Carlos is misplaced? Someone please reassure me. It makes sense Frampton is way to good for Quigg. Please tell me I am not looking through rose tinted glasses.
Tommy, Dublin
The Old One-Two
Ok I’ll admit it. I raised my eyes toward heaven when I heard MGM where running two shows in one weekend in Dublin. Especially considering there is boxing up North that weekend too.
Seems like madness to ask fans to pay for shows on back to back nights, but upon debating it over a few pints I have been rightfully put in my place.
It might not be the ultimate fan friendly approach, but it is better to have our fighters out busy. The amount of Irish fighters fighting over that weekend is something else and amazing when you consider the drought we had. It’s great the fighters are kept busy and it means more fighters will stay at it and be tempted to turn over.
Every fighter if they win on Feb 5 or 6  will be closer to a big fight too. So it increases our chances of seeing some serious action over the coming months- plus fighters making some money, which again will tempt more to turn over.
Damien, Dublin
Girls Just Want To Have Fights
I just wanted to say if you look at the UFC they have Holly Holm as chief support for Conor McGregor’s fight. That Ronda one is a big name too and even a cross over star.
Why hasn’t boxing got female equivalents? Ok Katie Taylor is a massive name and rightly gets a lot of credit, but I think promoters need to look at the pro female game.
The  UFC seem to know female combat sport is as marketable as the male side of things. I think with Christina McMahon and now even Lynn Harvey we could steal the march on this and be a leading light in promoting women’s boxing.
With all the shows coming up I am surprised to see neither confirmed on a card. Particularly McMahon, who became a World champion last year. If Irish boxing used the reputation Katie Taylor gives us in the area and worked to promote women in the pro’s we could become a leading light in the area and get a host of World champion to add to the ones we can boast about at the minute. With the host of young talent in the amateur it could be something we really excel at in the future, but we probably need to show it support now.
I enjoyed getting that off my chest thanks 🙂
Ash, Tipperary
Domestic Rivalry 
Conrad Cummings verus Alfredo Meli was the best fight I have seen this year. If there was a fight like that on every week I’d pay to go and see it. We need more Irish fights.
John, Belfast


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