The Christmas Message

With the most wonderful time of year now upon us we here at feel it time to wish the wonderful Irish boxing family a very Happy Christmas and pay tribute to those within it.

Firstly we have to thank our Patreons whose support has been essential and friendship valued throughout the year.

Secondly, we have to thank all the fighters, amateur or pro, big or small, winners or losers, that have entertained the masses over the past 12 months and gave us so much sporting success to celebrate and nights to enjoy. We are fully aware of the sacrifices they make to fight and the risks they take when getting in the ring for our entertainment so we are more than happy to champion their achievements.

We are blessed to work within a sport where we get great access to many of these athletes and are grateful for all the time they give us for interviews before and after fights.

The same goes to all the managers and promoters who keep us informed, facilitate, support, and liaise with us on a constant basis.

We would also like to give special thanks to all the boxing media for the support they have shown us over the last 12 months.

Finally, and most importantly, we have to thank you, the people that read our little site. For over 20 years our readers have once again come in their droves from the four corners of the world. Without you, we don’t exist, simple as, and we appreciate your time, thoughts, opinions, comments, and support.

On a personal level, we feel the site has gone from strength to strength this year despite all which has gone on to hinder sport in general in these times.

We hope to expand on the service next year. We will soon move into merchandise, will bring a gala awards night to the scene and are also exploring a return to regular video content.

Naturally, the site is going to be quiet over the next few days but we will be back

2021 was a crazy year for the sport in Ireland. There have been plenty of low points that left us all out on our feet but also many highs that remind us why we got involved in the first place.

Let’s keep going and make 2022 a knockout.

Jonny and Joe


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years