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Turn up the heat – The Iceman wants to learn how to work the boxing thermostat

The Iceman is determined to learn how to the turn up the heat to such an extent he starts registering stoppage wins.

Following his second career win, Keane McMahon [2(0)-0] was content with his display especially considering it came after a bit of a lay0off.

However, after outpointing Filip Rzadek 40-37 there was a feeling the Dublin welter, who has impressed in his two bouts to date. could have rendered the referee’s scorecard irrelevant if he had moved through the gears in the latter rounds.

McMahon was happy to be back, happy with the win and happy with four more rounds under his belt, but admitted he is interested in learning how you go about taking out the journeyman survival specialists.

“Happy Days, it’s so good to be fighting. I am glad just to be in there and I am happy to get that bit of rust off. The sharpness wasn’t there, but that’s to be expected. We hit him with everything but he wasn’t going anywhere. I hurt him in the third, but he was smart and he stuck in there,” McMahon told Irish-Boxing.com following the win on the inaugural Ring Kings bill in Waterford.

“The corner were screaming for the finish. Maybe he was one or two combos from going, but at the end of the day he was crafty and he knew how to survive. I will take the four rounds after that lay-off,” he continued before promising to develop his killer instinct.

“Next time I am out you will see improvements. I could be knocking these fellas out. It’s learning how to do that. I think that will come with more fights. As the corner said, this lad was one or two from going, so that is something I hope to add how to take these lads out.”

While the 23-year-old did talk about making improvements he did it through a smile.

The inner-city fighter was making intelligent observations rather than reflecting negatively.

In fact it was more than obvious he was just delighted to have fought, won, and learned.

“I was okay with the four I think I could do four more. It was just sharpness really. I started to get it and enjoy myself more as the fight went on.”

“That is the main thing really. It’s about getting in and enjoying it for me. At one stage I even had a bit of a Josh Kelly thing going hands down and loving it,” he added before looking forward.

“I am out hopefully again in March. A week off and straight back the gym. I need to fight and I need to be kept busy. Another four rounder then a six rounder.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)



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