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IABA look for applicants for new committees

The IABA are looking to for applicants as they attempt to fill roles in a number of new committees.

They released the following statement, calling for people to apply for vacant positions:

Dear Members,

With the introduction of our new rule book following the National Convention last October, a number of new committees must be appointed.

We would very much welcome people to apply for positions on those committees, listed below, and if you would like to put your name forward please do so by Friday the 13th of November. People can also put forward the name of any person(s), who are members of clubs within their Unit, who they feel have the necessary skills and aptitude to apply for a position on any of the committees with vacancies. It is important that these committees are populated as soon as possible to fulfil our requirements around good governance in our organisation.

The main expectation is that those who put their names forward for a given committee:

·        are experienced, or have a competency, in the area in question.

·        have the time and motivation to attend about 6 – 8 meetings a year, each meeting being about 2 hours long. The meetings may be held online or over telephone, where the committee agrees it.

·        will be available to carry out further work or research on behalf of the committee, in between meetings.

·        can be present at the National Stadium for meetings or work that may be required from time to time, for certain committees.

The number of meetings that each committee will be expected to have will depend on their workload, their ability to complete tasks within set times, and the committee’s ability to collaborate on projects. Occasionally, when necessary, committee members may be asked to attend other meetings as requested by the Central Council/Board.

The committees are:

  1. High Performance Advisory Committee (Already filled)
  2. High Performance Selection Committee (Already filled)
  3. Non High Performance Selection Committee (Vacancies)
  4. Nominations and HR Committee (Board Committee)
  5. Child Protection Committee (Already filled)
  6. Audit Committee Board (Vacancy for a qualified accountant)
  7. Finance Committee (Vacancy for a qualified accountant)
  8. Championship Committee (Vacancies)
  9. Anti-Doping Committee (Vacancies)
  10. Judges, Referees Committee (Vacancies)
  11. Coaching Committee (Vacancies)
  12. Rules Committee (Vacancies)
  13. Club Development Committee (Vacancies)
  14. Medical Commission (Vacancies for Medical professionals)
  15. Disciplinary Committee (Vacancies)
  16. Appeals Committee (Vacancies)

To apply please send your name, or the name of the person being nominated, to the email addresses below, noting which particular committee the nomination is for. If you would also like to include a brief description of skills and experience in the area of application this would be of great assistance.

Please send all applications to both:

Company Secretary- John Nangle

Hon Secretary- Paddy Gallagher


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