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‘The Cobra will rise again’ – Hyland brothers bring back Golden Cobra

The famous Golden Cobra crest will be worn by boxers again as of June 3.

The Hyland brothers have decided it’s time to release the cobra from the basket 30 years after their father started the club in Jobstown.

Paddy Hyland opened the doors to club on June 3, 1990 he, along with John Farrell, and with the help of his sister Marie.

Within a few months the club was boasting its first All-Ireland champion in Brian Lynch who preceded the golden batch of Darren Hyland, David Sweetman, Thomas O’Shaughnessy and Michael Dillon, all of whom captured national honours.

By the time Cobra was celebrated its 25th anniversary, the club had chalked up a stunning 52 national titles with a few coming in women’s boxing through the likes of Linda McDonald and Chantelle Spencer.

The three most famous products of the club are the Hyland brothers Edward, Patrick and Paulie.

All three represented Ireland as amateurs, won various National titles and enjoyed success in the pro game – and all three are involved in coaching, running the Hyland Boxing Club out of SGB Tallaght on the Belgard road.

Now with Golden Cobra’s 30 anniversary fast approaching they have decided not only to continue their fathers legacy in coaching, but to bring back Golden Cobra.

A statement released this week revealed:

“It is Golden Cobras 30 year anniversary and we feel it is the right thing to do. The Cobras will rise again in the memory of our Father ( Paddy Hyland).

We are still the same club and fighters just under a different name.

We hope all members understand that this is a huge change and responsibility for us to take on.

All the coaches believe that our fighters can live up to it’s expectations and continue on the name of Golden Cobra.

Yours, in sport
Hyland Boxing Academy “


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years