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Team Santa Cruz object to Frampton fight equipment

Barry McGuigan is anticipating a prolonged body assault from Leo Santa Cruz when he takes on Carl Frampton this Saturday.

Indeed the Mexican-American and his team have taken issue with Frampton’s fight equipment ahead of the Las Vegas-hosted rematch – and it is McGuigan’s belief that this is all part of the plan to go to the body and weaken the Belfast boxer.

Team Santa Cruz have objected to the groin guard used by Frampton, primarily it’s placement. Cyclone Promotions boss McGuigan notes how this is most likely a ploy to ensure as much of ‘The Jackal’s’ torso is exposed as possible.

‘El Terremoto’ has spoke numerous times about his desire to target Frampton’s body to tire out the Ulsterman and force him in to a toe-to-toe fight where he can be overwhelmed. A lower groin guard would certainly increase the target area for the former champion, especially considering Frampton’s notably short arms.

Speaking on Newstalk 106FM’s Off The Ball, McGuigan predicted that “he’s going to target the body – and they’re already complaining that Frampton’s cup is too high so we know that indicates they’re going to go for the body.”

The Monaghan manager┬áreiterated his belief that Santa Cruz plans to use his reach advantage in the WBA featherweight title fight is a bluff. Indeed ‘The Clones Cyclone’ argues that a distance fight would actually suit the stockier Frampton more.

The Hall of Famer described how “he’s saying he’s going to box more – he’s going to use his reach more. He won’t, because he won’t beat Frampton at distance. Frampton is a unique guy – tremendous timing and balance and natural movement which takes away length and distance.”

“He’s going to have to be aggressive. That’s what he does best and we’re expecting that. I think the smokescreen is that he’s going to box. He’s not going to box. He’s going to walk him down.”

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