Taylor questions some of the judging in Olympic qualifiers

While not questioning the scoring of her first defeat in five years, Katie Taylor has raised the issue of judging as she landed back in Dublin today.

Taylor believes team mate Darren O’Neill was ‘robbed blind’ and said as much in Dublin Airport today.

“In amateur boxing you’re always depending on the judges to have integrity and to judge the fight fairly but it doesn’t always happen like that,” the Olympic champion told UTV.

“A few of the lads went out with clear victories but didn’t come out with the decision and it’s very disappointing. Very heart breaking for them. Darren O’Neill was a clear example of that. He was robbed blind I thought out there.”

The World number 1 was keen to stress she was beaten by the better fighter on the day in Yana Alekseevna and not poor judging in her semi final contest.

“I can’t say that for my own fight. I think it was very fair for my own fight. The girl deserved the victory and it was a very, very close fight and it could have gone either way and you can’t really argue those decision but there was a few dubious decisions out there.”



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