Sutcliffe Jr itching to get back in the ring

Philip Sutcliffe Jr’s hand is itching both literally and figuratively as the Dublin prospect eyes a Sumner ring return.

The Dublin prospect is back training after an operation on a hand that has given him as much trouble as his many opponents down the years.

However, while the Crumlin graduate is able scratch the healing scars he has yet to be able to address his desire to return to the ring.

However, the former National champion, who has long been highlighted as one of the biggest punchers in Irish boxing, hopes to scratch that fight itch over the coming months.

“The hand is healing fine,” Sutcliffe told “So far the operation has proved a success. I am back training but not sparing yet. You know me I just want to be in there punching, but it is better to take those few weeks extra to let heal 100 percent than rush back and be stop start.

“I hope to fight in the Summer and hopefully get another few fights this year. I just want to keep busy.”

Sutcliffe, who has five knock out wins in five fights, has also signed a management deal with Pat Magee, the Belfast promoter/manager who guided Brian Magee to World title success. And Sutcliffe Jnr hopes the experienced manager can have an equal influence on his career.

“I am excited about what the future holds. Pat is a proven manager he has been successful with Brian Magee. He helped Brian get a world title and I want the same. I am just looking forward to getting back in the ring and starting a new journey.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years