Sturm claims second Mack Attack is agreed

JUNE 27 Jonny Stapleton

WBA middleweight champion Felix Sturm claims he has agreed to a rematch with Matthew Macklin.

Sturm backed up Macklin’s claims that, he was offered a boxing replay in the ring moments after Saturday’s shock decision was announced, by publicly stating he would defend against Mack The Knife for a second time.

The Birmingham based Irish fighter claimed Sturm was embarrassed into agreeing a sequel, but the long reigning champ is adamant he won the rip roaring Cologne hosted contest.

And whilst ‘Leonidas’ promised a repeat of the intriguing middleweight clash he claims there will be nothing repeat about his personal performance.
“We will definitely have a second fight, we have already agreed it,” Sturm stressed.

“It wasn’t a wrong decision, but it was close. It was not my most outstanding performance and I will be better next time. But I did have had a few clear shots and Matt worked hard. In my view, the decision was absolutely correct.”

Macklin’s manager Brian Peters echoed the majority belief that his charge was robbed.

However for once Peters was keen to let others do the talking and made his point via the reaction of respected commentator’s around globe.

“Germany is famous for a lot of things and unfortunately bad boxing decisions in one. We are not the only one who taught Matthew was robbed on Saturday. Lenox Lewis said it was highway robbery and the worst decision he seen in years. Lou Dibella said such a result is why Sergio Martinez(WBC middleweight champ) will never go to Germany. Germany’s best selling news paper Bild called it a ‘miscarriage’ and a ’disgrace’. Over 72 percent of a German online viewers poll gave it to Macklin. I think that says it all!,” Peters explained.

Meanwhile despite the dubious result Macklin himself claimed he would have no qualms returning to Germany for Sturm Macklin II.

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